New eco-friendly battery made of seeds and pine resin

Researchers have used a clever recycling strategy to develop a new eco-friendly battery using materials from alfalfa (lucerne seed) and pine resin.

Honeybees came from Asia, not Africa: Study

Contrary to the general belief that honeybees originated from Africa, a new research indicates that the species actually came from Asia.

Brain biomarker cue to the soundness of sleep

Swedish scientists on Tuesday said they had found further evidence that sleep helps to promote the health of brain cells.

Lack of sleep will make you buy more food next day

People, who were deprived of one night`s sleep, bought more calories and grams of food in a mock supermarket the next day, according to a new study.

Sleep-deprived men consume bigger portions of meals

Men who stay awake all night chose to munch on larger portions of calorie-dense foods the next day, researchers have claimed.

Insomnia can increase risk of obesity

People with poor sleeping habit eat more than those who have normal sleep, increasing the risk of obesity, a new study by Swedish researchers has found.

In shoals, fishes like school kids follow rules

By tracking the fish using computer imaging and fitting mathematical models to how the fish interact with each other, the researchers were able to decode the rules by which these fish interact with one another.