NASA wants to turn astronauts' poop into food
NASA wants to turn astronauts' poop into food

The US space agency has funded researchers to find out how to recycle human excreta into food that can help astronauts sustain on deeper space missions, including Mars.

Indian-origin Singaporean held for helping neighbour feed her mother faeces

A 39-year-old Indian-origin Singaporean was arrested here on Friday for helping his next-door neighbour feed her aged mother human faeces and urine, days after the video of the incident went viral.

Tour de France: Chris Froome blasts `irresponsible` reporters after urine attack
Tour de France: Chris Froome blasts `irresponsible` reporters after urine attack

Yellow jersey wearer Chris Froome hit out at "irresponsible" reporting at the Tour de France after revealing he had urine thrown over him by a spectator during the 14th stage on Saturday.

Why your eyes sting, turn red while swimming in pools

A new report has recently clarified a long-standing misconception that eyes go red and stingy after swimming because of urine and not chlorine.

Scientists use bacteria to detect cancer, diabetes

Two research teams said they have used Escherichia coli (E. coli) as diagnostic tools to detect liver cancer and diabetes.

New 'economic' urine test may replace need for blood samples

Scientists have developed a new urine testing method, that is not only economic, but is faster and could reduce need for blood samples.

At least 10 dead as Myanmar migrants stuck in Andaman sea with no food, water
At least 10 dead as Myanmar migrants stuck in Andaman sea with no food, water

At least 10 people have died after a wooden fishing boat carrying about 350 Myanmar migrants of the Muslim Rohingya minority was abandoned by the crew.

Nitin Gadkari waters plants with own urine!
Nitin Gadkari waters plants with own urine!

The secret behind the lush green garden at Union Road Transport and National Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari's Delhi Bungalow is out.

Urine test can predict obesity risk

The chemicals in urine could hold a clue to who is likely to become obese in future, new research says.

Nepal quake: When a man drank urine to stay alive for three days under rubble

In yet another gut-wrenching story tumbling out of Nepal earthquake rubble, a man is said to have drunk his urine to stay alive for more than eighty hours buried under a collapsed hotel.

Urine is not sterile, says research

 Debunking the common belief that normal urine is sterile, researchers have discovered bacteria in the urine of healthy females.

New generator turns pee into electricity

An inexpensive power generator that converts human urine into electricity is being tested in the UK.

New method yields fast results in drug, medical testing

A new technique quickly detects the presence of drugs or monitors certain medical conditions using only a single drop of blood or urine, representing a potential tool for clinicians and law enforcement.

Male tilapia fish use urine to lure mates!
Male tilapia fish use urine to lure mates!

Native to southern Africa, Mozambican tilapia fish use urine to reduce aggressive behaviour in other males, lure females to the nests that they make and stimulate spawning, says a study.

Akhilesh punishes police officers for making farmer drink urine

Taking a strong view of an incident where a farmer was made to drink urine at a police station in Lalitpur district of UP, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav Wednesday ordered the suspension of two police officers and the transfer of a superintendent.

Woman gang-raped, forced to drink urine in Madhya Pradesh

In a shocking incident, a woman was gangraped by six men included her estranged husband and then was paraded naked in Madhya Pradesh`s Khandwa district.

Protesters put urine bottles outside Jairam Ramesh’s house

After questioning BJP’s double standards over his toilet remark, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh on Thursday reiterated his comment saying that the country needs more toilets than temples.

What your pee can tell about your health

After seven years of research, scientists have determined the chemical composition of human urine, which can reveal a lot about a person`s health.

Urine may help regrow lost teeth

Stem cells obtained from urine could one day allow humans to regrow lost teeth, scientists claim.

Soon, mobile phones to get powered with urine

Researchers have found a method to recharge a mobile phone with urine.