Utah woman charged with murder in baby deaths

A woman was charged with six counts of first-degree murder in the killing of her six babies over a decade, but she cannot face the death penalty if convicted, prosecutors said.

Trapped in canyon for 3 days, US man, sons survive

A Utah man and his two young sons survived a harrowing three days trapped in a remote canyon with scant food and water before they were rescued by a chopper.

Jurassic era dinosaur footprint stolen near Utah

A `priceless` three-toed dinosaur track, believed to date back to 190 million years, has been stolen from a trail near Utah.

US Supreme Court temporarily blocks gay marriage in Utah

The US Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked gay marriages in Utah pending the western state`s appeal of a federal judge`s ruling allowing same-sex marriage.

No halt to gay marriages in Utah: US appeals court

A federal appeals court has ruled that gay marriages can continue in Utah, denying a request from the state to halt same-sex weddings until the appeals process plays out.

Judge lets Utah gay marriages continue

A federal judge has allowed gay marriage in Utah to continue.

Utah`s same-sex marriage ban returns to court

Hundreds of gay couples were expected to hurry for marriage licenses in Utah on Monday before the state`s same-sex marriage ban returned to court.

Judge strikes down Utah`s same-sex marriage ban

A US judge has struck down Utah`s same-sex marriage ban, saying it is unconstitutional.

Utah beauty queen charged for possessing bombs

Prosecutors have filed charges of bomb possession against a recently crowned Utah beauty pageant winner.

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles look "happy and in love" skiing in Utah

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have taken their romance to new heights, indulging in a little pre-Christmas skiing vacation.

US plane crash near Utah kills all four on board

All four people on board Cessna 172 were killed when the plane crashed at St George airport in southern Utah on Saturday.

Newest member of the dinosaurs `discovered`

Palaeontologists claim to have discovered the newest member of the dinosaurs – Brontomerus Mcintoshi.

Bizarre dinosaur with 15 horns discovered

A bizarre dinosaur with 15 horns roamed in Utah region in the US some 76 mn years ago.

Ancient dino claw prints found in Utah

Researchers have found evidence of a dinosaur in the act of preying on a small mammal in Utah.

NASA telescope made in Utah set to finish survey

A telescope made by Utah State University for NASA is on track to complete its first sky survey.

Utah firing squad executes convicted killer

Death row inmate Ronnie Lee Gardner died in a barrage of bullets early Friday as Utah carried out its first firing squad execution in 14 years.

US Senator Bob Bennett ousted at Utah convention

Republican Sen. Bob Bennett was thrown out of office Saturday by delegates at the Utah GOP convention.

US man to be executed by firing squad

A convicted murderer in the state of Utah in the US will be executed by firing squad after a judge signed an order on Friday granting the man`s request to die in a hail of gunfire.

Dinosaur species found

A new species of dinosaur has emerged from the rocks in the western state of Utah.

Lesbian lawmaker in US carries baby for gay men

Republican Christine Johnson will serve an additional role when the Utah
Legislature convenes this month. The lesbian lawmaker announced she`s a surrogate mother, carrying a baby for two gay men.