Asian Cup: Past defeats will aid Uzbeks against South Korea

Asian Cup: Past defeats will aid Uzbeks against South Korea

Uzbekistan will harness the pain of almost two decades of frustration against South Korea to drive them to victory in their Asian Cup quarter-final on Thursday, coach Mirdjalal Kasimov said.

Jan 21, 2015, 14:00 PM IST

Kyrgyzstan makes arrests, clears barricades after violence

Kyrgyzstan arrested 20 people over their suspected role in ethnic clashes, officials said on Sunday, as the military cleared makeshift barricades from Uzbek areas
in the ravaged city of Osh.

Jun 21, 2010, 10:08 AM IST

Ethnic Uzbeks in squalid camps fear returning home

Ethnic Uzbeks sheltering in tents don`t have enough food.

Jun 19, 2010, 08:52 AM IST

Kyrgyz death toll could be 2000: Interim Prez

An estimated 400,000 people have fled their homes to escape Kyrgyzstan`s ethnic violence.

Jun 18, 2010, 14:39 PM IST

Thousands of Uzbeks stranded on border in Kyrgyzstan: Report

Thousands of ethnic
Uzbek refugees remained stranded in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday, unable
to reach Uzbekistan after Tashkent closed its border to people
fleeing a deadly conflict.

Jun 15, 2010, 20:16 PM IST

Uzbekistan says 75,000 refugees fled Kyrgyzstan

Uzbekistan says over 75,000 Uzbeks have fled rising ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan.

Jun 13, 2010, 19:52 PM IST