HIV 'un-canned', paving way for virus transmission-preventing vaccine

A team of researchers has "un-canned" the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which is a bit like a hermetically sealed tin can no one has yet been able to break open.

New microneedle patch for measles vaccination designed

A new 'game-changing' microneedle patch could make it easier to vaccinate people against measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases, scientists say.

Ella Foundation completes preliminary studies on Ebola vaccine

Ella Foundation on Monday announced that it has successfully completed preliminary studies to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus, which has claimed hundreds of lives in West Africa.

World's first malaria vaccine could be available by October

The world's first viable malaria vaccine could be available by as early as October, after final trial results showed it can potentially prevent millions of cases of the deadly disease every year.

World's first malaria vaccine moves closer to use in Africa

The world`s first malaria vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline, could be approved by international regulators for use in Africa from October after final trial data showed it offered partial protection for up to four years.

FOGSI panel recommends influenza vaccination for pregnant women

An expert panel has recommended immunisation of women against influenza during pregnancy to protect mothers and their babies from serious health complications.

WHO asks India to close immunisation gap

 The WHO today asked countries like India to close the immunisation gap to avert 1.5 million deaths globally due to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Vaccine boosts immune response in cancer patients

 A new vaccine improves the immune system's response to cancer by using altered forms of proteins from the patient, according to a study published by the journal Science.

First phase 1 trial finds Ebola vaccine 'safe and effective'

Phase 1 trial of first Ebola vaccine, which was based on 2014 virus strain, has not only shown that the vaccine is safe, but has also provoked an immune response.

Effective malaria vaccine one step closer

 Australian researchers are closer to finding an effective malaria vaccine after they discovered a key strategy used by the body's immune system to fight the deadly disease.

Australian research brings malaria vaccine closer

 A team of Australian researchers are a step closer to finding a vaccine to prevent malaria, after discovering patterns in the human immune system that help fight the disease in its early stages.

Tetanus shot may boost brain cancer survival

Adding a simple tetanus shot to another vaccine treatment for a lethal form of brain cancer dramatically extends patients` survival, finds a study.

Vaccine worth $1.3 million spoils in Pakistan

Pentavalent vaccine worth $1.3 million, enough to vaccinate 400,000 infants against five potentially deadly diseases, has spoiled in a storage room at the National Health Services (NHS) of Pakistan, media reported on Wednesday.

India unveils Rotavirus vaccine, claimed to be cheapest

India Monday unveiled its indigenously developed and manufactured Rotavirus vaccine, claimed to be the world's cheapest at the rate of around Rs 60 per dose and aimed at boosting efforts to deal with diarrhoea that kills upto 80,000 children under 5 every year.

Bharat Biotech to build inventory of swine flu vaccine

City-based Bharat Biotech is planning to build an inventory to produce swine flu vaccine in bulk, a top company official said Tuesday.

No need to vaccinate people against swine flu: Nadda

The government Tuesday said there was no need as of now to vaccinate the general public from swine flu.

Swine flu vaccine 'dries up' in Kashmir, doctors at risk

Swine flu vaccine 'dries up' in Kashmir, doctors at risk

Srinagar: Top health officials in Kashmir Valley on Sunday admitted that there was no swine flu vaccine available in any hospital of the region, where four persons have died and at least 109 are being treated for the disease.

Swine flu claims 38 more lives, death toll now 812

Swine flu claimed 38 more lives in the country taking the death toll to 812 with Rajasthan and Gujarat among the worst hit states with 212 and 207 fatalities respectively, as the total number of affected crossed 13,000.

Scientists produce malaria vaccine from algae

Researchers have developed a new candidate for malaria vaccine with the help of algae-produced malaria parasite protein.

Soon, 'synthetic' vaccine to eradicate polio

 A team of scientists is to try to develop a wholly artificial vaccine to combat polio.