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Unsustainable immune response to chronic viral infection is triggered by inflammation

 A study finds fundamental new mechanism explaining the inadequate immune defense against chronic viral infection.

India's Sun Pharma joins hands with ICGEB to develop dengue vaccine

The vaccine will be targeted against all the four serotypes of dengue virus that cause fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, rash in humans.

World's first dengue vaccine 'Dengvaxia' now approved in 11 countries

Dengvaxia, world's first vaccine for the deadly disease dengue has now been approved in 11 more countries.

New dengue vaccine may up infection in low affected areas: Study

 The newly licensed dengue vaccine may actually increase the incidence of infections if used in low transmission areas, a team of international researchers has warned.

Delhi: AIIMS claims to have discovered oral vaccine to cure Hepatitis B

AIIMS claims to have discovered oral vaccine to cure Hepatitis B.
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Researchers identify potent antibodies against HIV

 Scientists have developed a structure-based vaccine design that can jumpstart an effective immune response to HIV by rapidly offsetting antibodies against the virus, which so far have been unsuccessful.

Inovio Ebola vaccine shows positive results in phase I human trials

The vaccine was safe, tolerable, and generated strong T cell and antibody responses in its fully enrolled phase I study of 75 healthy subjects.

First vaccine against Rota virus launched in India

 Aiming to slash the prevalence of violence-borne diarrhoea, the health ministry on Saturday launched the Rota Virus vaccine here, which will be available free of cost at public healthcare facilities, initially in four states.

Improper refrigerated vaccines risk lives in China

 China has been urged by food and drug administration to investigate approximately 570 million yuan ($88 million) worth of improperly refrigerated vaccines sold since 2010, which could put patients' lives at risk.

Vaccine against dengue virus is 100 percent effective: Study

An experimental vaccine against dengue, the world's most common mosquito-borne virus, was 100 percent effective in early trials and could speed up the pace of a vaccine against Zika, researchers said today.

Indian scientists develop Hepatitis C vaccine

The team from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, has developed a vaccine for HCV genotype 3a.

Most vaccine-related posts on social media are anti-vaccine: Study

Most vaccine-related posts on social media are anti-vaccine: Study

These visual platforms are growing quickly. Pinterest now has around 74 million users.

Zika virus spreads explosively, four million cases forecast: WHO

The Zika virus, linked to severe birth defects in thousands of babies in Brazil, is "spreading explosively" and could infect as many as 4 million people in the Americas, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

Chickenpox vaccine may cause eye inflammation

 Although rare, a vaccine for chickenpox and shingles which has been in use for more than 20 years and is considered an essential medicine by the World Health Organization, can cause corneal inflammation in some patients, says a new study.

Vladimir Putin claims Russia has developed Ebola vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed today his country had developed a vaccine for the Ebola virus which has killed thousands of people in west Africa.

New vaccine strategy shields high-risk cancer patients from flu

Even though patients with multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders may receive an annual flu vaccine, studies show that a one-time flu shot does not offer adequate immune response.

Centre launches drive to eradicate Hepatitis B

The health ministry in collaboration with Unicef on Monday launched a media campaign with the resolve to make India Hepatitis B Virus-free by the next decade.

New Ebola vaccine safe, stimulates strong immune response

 A fresh clinical trial of a new Ebola vaccine has found that it is well tolerated, safe and stimulates strong immune responses in adults in Mali, West Africa and in the US.

Single vaccine for Chikungunya, related viruses comes closer to reality

 Researchers have identified "broadly neutralizing" antibodies that protect against infection by multiple, distantly related alphaviruses, including Chikungunya virus, that cause fever and debilitating joint pain.

Nagaland includes Pentavalent vaccine as routine immunization for children

 Nagaland on Wednesday included Pentavalent vaccine into routine immunization schedule for children as part of the government's immunization programme available for every infant free of cost.