Mesmerize your sweetheart this Valentine`s Day.

One of India’s most renowned beauty experts and cosmetologist, Bharti Taneja, shares tips to dress to kill whether you`re going to spend the day outside or you`re planning on dining by candlelight.

Double the fun on Valentine`s Day with couple massage

Looking for an extra special way to show your loved one you care? How about a couple`s massage to celebrate your special Valentine`s Day.

Kiss Day: Make it perfect

A kiss explains it all. Kiss is above all words and compliments.

Hug Day: Fill your life with fragrance and love

Ms Bharti Taneja a renowned cosmetologist, aesthetician and founder director of ALPS Beauty Clinic will add some fragrance to your relation by giving you some tips on how you can make your partner to fall in love with you and your fragrance.

Women take lead in choosing V-Day gifts for men online

The number of women searching for Valentine`s Day gift ideas for their partners was more than men in the past 30 days, according to a new research.

Recipe:Valentine Tomato Pasta Soup

Warm up this valentine with Valentine tomato pasta soup

In distant relationship? Apps bridge gap

Apps help youngters bridge the gap and keep them happy without burning a hole in their pockets.

Shah Rukh Khan tweets about best way to find love!

As Valentine`s Day approaches, Shah Rukh Khan has tweeted about finding love.

Let Apps decide your valentine

Be it deciding your look, gift or romantic destination, apps can make your Valentine`s Day special.

Valentine Special: Look like a hunk with these tips

The cutest day of the Valentine`s Week is here. All the divas are in love with adorable and chubby teddies but want a hot hunk as their valentine. Bharti Taneja, renowned beauty expert and founder director of Alps Cosmetic Clinic will give all the dudes to look like a hunk in a jiffy.

Tips for perfect Valentine`s Day at home

With cafes and fancy restaurants full of couples trying to squeeze in a date on Valentine`s Day, celebrating at home might can turn out to be a very smart decision.

Personal grooming important on V Day: Survey

With Valentine`s Day around the corner, personal grooming becomes a very important task for people who plan on celebrating the occasion, says a survey conducted by one of the leading matrimonial site.

Impress your Valentine with smart dressing

Valentine`s Day is synonymous with love and this time, express your feelings by dressing up right on the occasion, designers say.

Fifty Shades of Grey` first movie poster released

Upcoming film ` Fifty Shades of Grey` first poster has been released.

Sparkle this Valentine with classy jewels

Valentine`s Day is around the corner and those who are still undecided how to sweep their sweetheart off her feet can surprise her with classy and fine jewellery gifts.

Make your own style statement this Valentine

Add dazzle and style to your wardrobe this festive season as designer and fashion entrepreneur Poonam Bajaj presents her latest collection for its discerning customers.

Valentine’s Day: What you mustn’t buy for your girlfriend

Flowers bought last minute at the petrol station have unsurprisingly been voted as the worst gift to give to a woman on Valentine’s Day, with cheap jewellery and cuddly toys next on the list of shame.

Valentine’s Day: Love goes for a toss as lust takes centre stage!

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, merchandisers of bold and provocative lingerie and other sexy gift items are reportedly making fortune, for they have landed an ideal opportunity to boost their sales.

Valentine’s Day: Tips to turn your bedroom into sexy haven

As Valentine’s Day comes closer, a sex expert has offered sexy ideas and tips to turn your bedroom into a space for red hot romance.

Gift your Valentine ‘Cocoa-Roach’ for everlasting love

Bronx Zoo in New York has offered lovers the opportunity of naming a roach after their loved one.