Quit-smoking pill won't trigger heart attack, depression

An anti-smoking pill that was earlier thought to increase the risk of heart attack and depression is actually safe.

Sep 07, 2015, 15:11 PM IST

Here's how to quit smoking without having to give it up altogether

In a multinational study, scientists have found that medication therapy could increase the long-term success of smokers who are not yet ready to quit, but are willing to cut back on cigarettes.

Feb 18, 2015, 12:22 PM IST

How quickly smokers metabolize nicotine can predict most effective way to quit

A new study has recently revealed that how quickly smokers metabolize nicotine could help in predicting the most effective way to quit smoking.

Jan 12, 2015, 13:21 PM IST

Combined medication helps smokers kick the butt more than single drug therapy

A team of researchers has found that among cigarette smokers, combining the smoking cessation medications varenicline and bupropion, compared with varenicline alone, resulted in higher smoking abstinence rates.

Jan 12, 2014, 17:41 PM IST

Anti-smoking drug varenicline improves smoker`s chances to kick the butt

Smokers have a higher probability of quitting smoking and a better overall cessation experience when taking varenicline compared to bupropion and to placebo.

Mar 31, 2013, 14:35 PM IST

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