Pope to raffle gifts given to him to raise money for the poor

Want a white Panama hat owned by the pope? Now is your chance.

Nearly 5,000 Keralite Catholics to grace canonisation in Vatican

Kochi: Around 5,000 Catholics from Kerala will be present in Vatican City next Sunday to witness the canonisation ceremony of two religious leaders from the state.

Pope denounces euthanasia as 'sin against God'

Pope Francis denounced the right to die movement on Saturday, saying it's a "false sense of compassion" to consider euthanasia as an act of dignity when in fact it's a sin against God and creation.

Cardinal urges Vatican action in US child abuse case

 It`s high time for the Vatican to tackle the case of an American bishop convicted of shielding an abusive priest, Boston`s Cardinal Sean O`Malley has said.

Pope sets up commission to deal with sex abuse appeals

Pope Francis has set up a new commission to handle appeals by priests who have been disciplined for sexual abuse of minors, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

Humanity humiliated by Pakistan lynching: Vatican

A top Vatican official has described the lynching of a Christian couple in Pakistan as a humiliation for all of humanity.

Vatican given financial rulebook by Pope's Aussie hatchet man

Pope Francis's drive to clean up the Vatican's finances has taken a significant step forward with the issuing of a financial management manual to Church officials.

Pope mulls removing marriage annulment charges

Vatican City: Pope Francis Wednesday denounced the hardships Catholics can face when seeking marriage annulments, revealing he once fired an official who tried to charge thousands of dollars for one.

Pope to go to Turin to view burial shroud icon

The Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth some believe covered Jesus, will go back on public display next year.

Pope says Big Bang theory does not contradict Christianity

Pope Francis Monday said the "Big Bang" theory as a model for the origin of the Universe "does not rule out the intervention of a divine Creator, but rather demands it" and that "the origin of the world is not a product of chaos, but is derived directly from the supreme power that created love."

Pope Francis beatifies Paul VI

Pope Francis Sunday beatified Paul VI during a heavily attended Mass in St Peter's Square, at which he said of the pope who closed the Second Vatican Council that "he led the Church with wisdom and a vision of the future".

Pope faces key test with vote on divorcees, gays

Pope Francis was set to sort his allies from his enemies Saturday with a Vatican vote on a document drafted at the end of a fierce two-week debate over opening the Catholic Church`s doors to remarried divorcees and gays.

Pope opens Synod rejecting bad shepherds

Pope Francis Sunday inaugurated the Synod with a warning about the risks of "greed for money and power" and "bad shepherds", government leaders and other officials--who impose responsibilities onto people that they themselves are unwilling to bear.

Pope launches historic review of teaching on family, marriage

Pope Francis on Sunday launched a major review of Catholic teaching on the family that could lead to change in the Church's attitude to marriage, cohabitation and divorce.

Pope convenes Mideast envoys amid Islamic threat

Pope Francis has convened his ambassadors from across the Middle East for three days of meetings to try to better protect Christians targeted by Islamic militants.

Pope sacks Paraguayan bishop accused of protecting abuser priest

Pope Francis has dismissed a Paraguayan bishop accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing young people, the Vatican said on Thursday.

Pope sacks Paraguay bishop in new sex abuse scandal

Pope Francis on today sacked a Paraguayan bishop who had been accused of protecting a suspected paedophile priest.

Vatican prepares for landmark sex abuse trial of ex-envoy

The Vatican has begun preparing for a landmark trial of a disgraced former archbishop at the centre of one of the Church`s most damaging child sex abuse cases.

Vatican arrests former archbishop on paedophilia charges

The Vatican on Tuesday arrested a former archbishop accused of paying for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic, the first-ever arrest inside the city state on charges of paedophilia. 

Vatican security doubled over possible terror attack

Security around St Peter`s Square in Vatican City has been doubled due to concerns about possible terrorist attacks targeting Pope Francis or the Vatican.