Vatican security doubled over possible terror attack

Security around St Peter`s Square in Vatican City has been doubled due to concerns about possible terrorist attacks targeting Pope Francis or the Vatican.

Lack of prospects, financial lure pushing youth to Islamic State jihadists: Vatican

Vatican City: Young Syrians are gravitating towards the radical Islamic State due to a lack of prospects and the lure of financial support more than "ideological conviction", the pope`s Syria envoy said on Saturday.

Pope sends message to Beijing, but some Chinese barred from South Korea event

Pope Francis arrived in the South Korean capital Seoul after sending an unprecedented message of goodwill to China as he flew over the country that does not allow its Catholics to recognise his authority.

Pope sending cardinal to Iraq to support fleeing Christians

Pope Francis is sending a cardinal to Iraq to help thousands of Christians fleeing the rapid advance of jihadis of the Islamic State (IS), the Vatican said on Friday.

Pope begs forgiveness for `sacrilegious cult` of Church sexual abuse

Pope apologises for "sacrilegious cult" of Church``s sexual abuse

Pope meets Catholics sexually abused by clergy

Pope Francis has held his first meeting with a group of Catholics who were sexually abused by clergy.

Pope to hold first meeting with sexual abuse victims

Pope Francis holds his first meeting with victims of sexual abuse by priests on Monday, an encounter that some say should have happened long ago, and victims from his native Argentina say they are pained over their exclusion.

Six victims, two each from Ireland, Britain and Germany, will attend the pope`s private morning Mass in his Vatican residence and then meet with him afterwards, according to people who organised the meeting.

Pressure for talks mounts as shelling rumbles on in Ukraine

The Vatican has formally recognised the International Association of Exorcists, giving its blessing to a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who claim to save the possessed from Satan.

Vatican gives thumbs up for exorcist association

Exorcists now have a legal weapon at their disposal.

The Vatican has formally recognised the International Association of Exorcists, a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who liberate the faithful from demons.

Bishop in mob town seeks godfather moratorium

A southern Italian archbishop has proposed a 10-year moratorium on the naming of godfathers in a bid to stem the way mob bosses uses the "padrino" system to spread their influence and authority to the next generation.

Pope, Anglican leader join forces against human trafficking

Pope Francis and Britain`s Archbishop of Canterbury committed their Churches on Monday to work more closely together to fight "the grave evil" of human trafficking and modern slavery.

Pope says Israelis, Palestinians must seek peace "undaunted in dialogue"

Pope Francis told Israeli and Palestinian leaders they "must respond" to their people`s yearning for peace "undaunted in dialogue" during an unprecedented prayer meeting among Jews, Christians and Muslims at the Vatican on Sunday.

Politics left behind as Mideast rivals head to Vatican

Israel`s government is boycotting its Palestinian counterpart with relations to a new low, and when their two presidents join Pope Francis in a Vatican prayer for peace on Sunday politics are likely to be absent.

Pope appeals world to remember Syria war victims

Pope Francis warned Friday that the millions of people affected by the Syria crisis risk being forgotten because of the "globalisation of indifference" toward the conflict.

Israeli, Palestinian leaders accept Vatican invite

The offices of the Israeli and Palestinian presidents are confirming that they have accepted an invitation from Pope Francis to visit the Vatican together next month.

Vatican defends Palestinian sovereignty ahead of papal visit

The Vatican`s Secretary of State on Thursday defended the Palestinians` right to a "sovereign and independent" homeland and said he hoped Pope Francis`s upcoming visit would lead to "courageous decisions" for peace.

Lisa Ray to meet the pope

Canada-born Indian actress Lisa Ray is visiting Vatican City to meet the pope.

Ban Ki-moon invites Pope Francis to UN in New York

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday invited Pope Francis to the UN headquarters in New York to speak about his efforts to help the most needy.

Pope warns against money in football

Pope Francis on Friday warned money "risks contaminating" football and called for a return to "sporting dignity" at a Vatican meeting with players from Italian Cup finalists Fiorentina and Napoli.

Pope calls for `new mentality` on Vatican finances

Pope Francis on Friday told the first meeting of a newly-formed Vatican committee to reform Catholic Church finances that it should aim for transparency and helping the needy.