Far East`s rainforests shaped by humans for the last 11,000 years

Researchers have shown that the tropical forests of South East Asia have been shaped by humans for the last 11,000 years.

US airport to use goats, other animals to clear vegetation

Chicago Department of Aviation chief Rosemarie Andolino said Tuesday that the initiative will allow the airport, one of the country`s busiest, to contribute ecologically with a sustainable and efficient operation.

Amplified greenhouse effect turning Earth`s northern latitudes greener

A NASA-funded study has found that temperature and vegetation growth at Earth`s northern latitudes now increasingly resembles those lusher latitudes to the south.

`Antarctica was warm enough to support vegetation`

A new study has found that climate in ancient Antarctica was much warmer and wetter that previously thought.

Climate change ups risk of ozone damage

The increased risk of ozone damage to vegetation is mainly due to rising ozone concentrations and higher temperatures in the future.

`Huge parts of world drying up due to land evapotranspiration`

Evapotranspiration could lead to increased drought stress on vegetation and less overall productivity.