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BIZARRE! Islamic State BANS women from wearing burqas in Iraq

BIZARRE! Islamic State BANS women from wearing burqas in Iraq

The ISIS has declared full-face veil as a security risk.

Seeing is believing! This is what happened to 4 non-Muslim women who wore hijab for a day

Seeing is believing! This is what happened to 4 non-Muslim women who wore hijab for a day

Are you judgmental about hijab and Muslim women? Check out this video.

Swiss region set to ban full-face veil

Switzerland's Italian-speaking region has moved a step closer to banning the full-face Muslim veil, after its Parliament gave the proposed law the thumbs-up this week.

Canada government ends legal fight to ban niqab

Canada has withdrawn its appeal to the high court of a decision that struck down a popular ban on the niqab.

Court rejects ban on Muslim veil at Canadian citizenship ceremonies

An appeals court rejected the Canadian government`s ban on face coverings worn by some Muslims during citizenship ceremonies, the Canadian Press reported on Tuesday.

Congo-Brazzaville bans Muslim women from wearing full veil

Congo-Brazzaville has banned Muslim women from wearing the full face-veil in public, citing security reasons, an Islamic association told AFP on Saturday.

China bans wearing of full-length veils in public in Urumqi

Legislators in the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Urumqi, in China have put a ban on full-face veils and full-body coverings in public in an attempt to curb the spread of religious extremism.

Minority Commission issues notice to MES prez on 'niqab' row

The Kerala State Minority Commission today issued notice to Muslim Education Society (MES) president Dr P A Fazal Gafoor, who had stoked a controversy saying 'niqab' or veil used by Muslim women to cover their faces, is 'unislamic'.

Australian PM Abbott not in favour of women wearing burqa in Parliament

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today said that he wished the burqa "was not worn" in the country while indicating his view on backing a call for a ban on the Muslim veil for women inside parliament.

Wear full veil or face harsh punishment: Islamic State to Iraqi women

Islamic State, the al Qaeda offshoot that seized large swathes of northern Iraq last month, has warned women in the city of Mosul to wear full-face veils or risk severe punishment.

Iranian women on Facebook want to shun veil: Study

Young, along with Abbas Shakiba from University of Shahid Chamran in Iran and Mohammad Sadegh Montazeri from University of Semnan, Iran, did a survey of Iranian women and the use of social media.

Iranian women on Facebook want to shun veil: Study

Use of social media can influence attitudes and behaviours to a greater extent, even empower women too. According to a promising research, Iranian women who use Facebook may be willing to display pictures of themselves without a veil.

FIFA authorise wearing of veils, turbans during matches

Football`s world governing body FIFA on Saturday officially authorised the wearing of head covers for religious purposes during matches.

Pakistani student alleges discrimination over wearing a veil

A Canadian-Pakistani MBBS student has alleged that she was roughed up by a professor for wearing a veil in the classroom in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

I don`t cover my face, want to show my identity: Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace prize nominee, Malala Yousafzai, on Tuesday reportedly said that women should not wear veil in court or in any other place where it is required to reveal her identity.

British politician calls for ban on wearing veils in public

Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne has reportedly called for a national debate on whether young Muslim women can be prevented from having the burka (veil) imposed on them.

Woman must remove veil to give evidence in Court: UK judge

A British judge on Monday ruled that a Muslim woman can stand trial wearing a full-face `niqab` but must remove it to give evidence, a landmark decision that has sparked a debate on veils.

Paris backs veil ban, police after `unacceptable` violence

The French government condemned as "unacceptable" weekend violence in a Paris suburb triggered by the country`s ban on full-face veils.

Tight security after French riots sparked by veil row

France`s interior minister said security forces would remain in place "as long as necessary" after violence in the Paris suburbs.

Oman proposes ban on niqab veils for women drivers

A Saudi online newspaper says Oman is proposing that women be banned from wearing face veils when driving.