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Venezuela's Maduro seeks to block recall vote

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's allies have asked the Supreme Court to block a bid to call a referendum on sacking him.

Venezuelan leader seeks decree powers amid US rift

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will request Tuesday special decree powers to confront what he termed "imperialist aggressions" from the United States, as relations between the countries sank further.


Venezuela to limit US diplomat number, require tourist visas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he will limit the number of US diplomats allowed to work in the socialist South American country and also will require US citizens to apply for visas if they want to visit.

Venezuela to demand mandatory visas for Americans

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Saturday he was implementing a mandatory visa system for all American citizens visiting the country, as a way to "control" US interference.

US rules out prisoner swap with Venezuela

The United States has rejected a proposal by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to swap a jailed opposition leader for a Puerto Rican nationalist held in a US prison.

Venezuela to slash budget after OPEC steadies output

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered his government on Friday to slash the budget of his oil-dependent and economically-weak nation, as crude prices plunge after OPEC held output steady.

Thousands hit streets in fresh Venezuela protest

Thousands of demonstrators marched in the Venezuelan capital Caracas against what they see as President Nicolas Maduro`s heavy-handed repression of dissent.

Colombian held for plotting to kill Venezuelan president

A Colombian has been arrested for a murder attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, police said.

Hugo Chavez battling for life: VP Maduro

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is "battling for his life", his deputy Nicolas Maduro said on state TV.

`Chavez undergoing complex, tough treatment`

Maduro said that Chavez is "undergoing alternative treatments ... but they are complicated and difficult treatments that must - at some point - end the cycle of his illness".

Chavez to go again to Cuba for radiotherapy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said
he will be travelling to Cuba again to undergo a third round of radiotherapy in the hope of beating his cancer
diagnosed last year.

Venezuela`s Chavez confirms cancer recurrence

Chavez, in fact, underwent the surgery to remove a lesion from his pelvic region.

Venezuelan President finishes 3rd round of chemo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he felt great and playfully boxed for television cameras.

Venezuela’s ailing Chavez "like phoenix" on b’day

Opponents accuse Venezuelan leader of exploiting his health problems to promote a personality cult.

Hugo Chavez says chemotherapy will make him bald

Venezuela`s President Hugo Chavez said he has "largely recovered" from cancer.

Chavez sings, optimistic after 1st week of chemo

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is optimistic he will survive cancer, but said that risks remain.

MPs OK Chavez`s plan to get chemotherapy in Cuba

The 56-year-old`s cancer diagnosis has thrown uncertainty into Venezuela`s political landscape.

Venezuelan Prez expects chemo or radiation

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez anticipates a long road to recovery from cancer.

Venezuelan President vows to win cancer battle

Venezuela`s President Hugo Chavez made a surprise homecoming after cancer surgery in Cuba.

Surgery silences Venezuelan President

Venezuela`s Hugo Chavez has barely communicated in public since a June 10 operation in Cuba.