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Venus transit and lunar mirror may help find other planets

When Venus passed directly between the Earth and the Sun on 6 June 2012 in a so-called transit, a team of Italian astronomers used the opportunity to perform an unusual and challenging experiment.

Delhi gears up to watch century`s last Venus transit

Sky gazers in Delhi are all set to witness a rare celestial event Wednesday with Venus - the second planet from the Sun and the Earth`s neighbour.

Venus Transit: How to watch safely

With skygazers eagerly waiting for the Venus Transit on Wednesday morning, here are some tips on how to see the celestial event safely.

Transit of Venus tomorrow – Ready Reckoner

Here are ten facts about the Transit of Venus – the rare celestial event set to occur for the last time this century on June 6, 2012.

Venus to transit on Wednesday

Skygazers in the country are in for a rare astronomical treat as the planet Venus moves across the face of the sun appearing as a small dark disc on Wednesday.

Venus transit to fine-tune search for other world

The scientists will be using the last Venus transit for a century, which will take place next week, to learn how to size up other solar systems as we search for life in the universe.

Chennai ready for Venus transit on June 6

Transit of Venus occurs when the planet Venus passes directly between the sun and earth.

Century`s second Venus transit on June 6

In a rare celestial occurrence, Venus - the second planet from the Sun and the Earth`s neighbour - will transit across the solar disc early June 6.

Moon to be used as mirror to see transit of Venus

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope will observe the transit of Venus across the sun’s face on June 5th and 6th.