Giant asteroid Vesta`s hidden attractions revealed

When viewed with the human eye giant asteroid Vesta, looks quite unspectacular color-wise.

New images show giant impacts stained Vesta with Carbon-rich material

The images were obtained during Dawn’s year-long visit to Vesta that ended in September 2012.

NASA probe sees possible water-cut gullies on Vesta

Pictures of Vesta taken by NASA’s Dawn probe show complex gullies running down the walls of some craters.

Vesta is smallest known planetary object to have generated dynamo

A new study has found evidence that Vesta, the second-most-massive asteroid in the solar system, once harboured a dynamo.

NASA`s Dawn spacecraft finds hydrogen on asteroid Vesta

Vesta, the giant asteroid, has its own version of ring around the collar, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has revealed.

Beautiful` Vesta much more `varied and diverse than thought`

NASA`s Dawn mission has revealed giant asteroid Vesta`s surprising surface.

Giant asteroid Vesta `resembles Earth`

The giant asteroid Vesta has many features that are mostly associated with rocky planets like Earth, a new study has revealed.

Vesta may shed light on how Earth was formed

NASA``s Dawn spacecraft, which has returned after a four-year journey, has provided the first close-up views of the giant asteroid Vesta, a relic of planet-building that could provide an insight into how Earth was formed.