Spider-inspired sensor detects heartbeats, reads speech
Spider-inspired sensor detects heartbeats, reads speech

A sensor that puts spider sense to good use has been invented by South Korean researchers. The sensor can recognise the faintest vibration, simple words and monitor heartbeats.

Novel technique to extract audio from video feed

Scientists have devised a simple optical technique to recover spoken words from just a video recording of objects in the room.

New `smart` watch vibrates to keep you from nodding off

A new `smart` watch tracks the wearer`s movements and `buzzes` them awake if they start to doze off.

Now, wristband to connect couples via vibrations

A US-based company is offering a new hi-tech wristband that allows couples to stay connected all the time by simply tapping on the device.

Vibration to Qutub from aircraft being looked into: Govt

Civil Aviation Ministry and the
Directorate General of Civil Aviation have designed a project
to evaluate the vibration level prevailing on the structure of
Qutub Minar, a World Heritage site, due to flight movements
near it.