Bangladesh celebrates 43rd anniversary of Victory Day

Bangladesh on Tuesday celebrated the 43rd anniversary of its victory over the Pakistani forces in 1971 War of Liberation in which about three million people were killed.

Putin`s Crimea visit a `violation of sovereignty`: Officials

Russian President Vladimir Putin`s visit today to Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow in March, is a "flagrant violation" of Ukraine`s sovereignty, authorities in Kiev said.

Donetsk flag flies in Latvia as Russians mark Victory Day

The flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People`s Republic flew in Riga Friday in a show of support from Latvia`s large Russian minority for pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine.

Ukraine security service says "saboteurs" disrupted state TV

Ukraine`s security service said on Friday foreign "saboteurs" had knocked out state television transmissions for several hours, suggesting Moscow had backed the action as part of a campaign fomenting rebellion in the east.

Russians face jail over war memorial sex doll stunt

A group of young Russians face up to seven years in prison after they posed for photos with an inflatable sex doll on Victory Day in front of a World War II memorial that included the graves of local war dead.

Lankan Army celebrates end to demining

Sri Lankan Army on Thursday claimed the completion of demining of nearly 2,000 sq km areas for the resettlement and restoration of livelihoods of those affected by the three-decade long conflict with Tamil rebels.

Bangladesh pays tribute to martyrs on Victory Day

Thousands of Bangladeshis paid tributes to those who sacrificed their lives for liberating the country in 1971.

Russia marks Victory Day with vast parade

Russian President said the country is committed to peace, global stability.

Dhaka gets tough with Islamists on 40th Victory Day

A top opposition leader was held on murder charge and a court rejected a petition of the chief of the largest Islamist party as Bangladesh celebrated its 40th Bijoy Divas, marking its separation from Pakistan.

Russia may free 45,000 prisoners of World War II

Russia could release 45,000 people imprisoned in the country since the World War II and grant amnesty to 300,000 convicts to mark the 65th anniversary of its Victory Day on May 09, Russian Association of Lawyers said.

Bangladesh celebrates 38th victory day

Bangladesh on Wednesday celebrated the 38th anniversary of its victory against Pakistani troops in the 1971 Liberation War, that was achieved with crucial Indian support, and was marked by killings of millions of people.