Vikings used medieval compass for navigation even after sunset

New interpretations of a medieval compass suggest that the Vikings may have skillfully used the sun to operate the compass even when the sun had set below the horizon.

NFL: Five coaches fired after failing to reach playoffs

The Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired their coaches Monday after enduring miserable NFL seasons, joining the Cleveland Browns in seeking new direction in 2014.

Vikings were more social than savage

Vikings - who gave birth to legendary tales of brutal warfare and conquest - were in fact a more civilised society than previously believed, a new study has found.

Economic, identity issues `may have driven Vikings out of Greenland`

Economic and identity issues, rather than starvation and disease, drove Viking descendent out of Greenland back to their ancestral homes in the 15th century, researchers say.

`Oxford skeletons may belong to Viking raiders`

Thirty-seven skeletons found in a mass burial site in the grounds of St John`s College may be that of Viking raiders who were captured and then executed.