This app uses 'magic words' to create content

This app uses 'magic words' to create content

Peach stands out as it allows users to use "magic words" to summon certain commands to appear in their status updates and share pictures, GIF (looping photos), videos, weather, current location, to name a few.

Vine for android now recommends clips centered around on watching habits

 Twitter owned short video sharing service Vine has released an update of its android app that recommends clips that the users will enjoy.

Vine now allows for high quality videos on iOS operating system

Short-video sharing app Vine has rolled out support for high-definition videos on iOS operating system and will soon be available on Android as well.

Vine releases new version of app for kids with 'adorable animated characters'

Vine has released a new application for its junior target audience "Vine Kids" that has a cast of "adorable animated characters" wherein kids will only need to swipe left and right to see new Vine videos pop up.

Now, upload video from any source on Vine

Twitter owned six second video app Vine has announced that users can now import video from any source, as long as the file can get to their iOS camera roll.

Fergie caught `napping` as Man United falls to Sunderland

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was reportedly caught napping in the crowd during United`s 12th defeat of the season in their 1-0 loss to Sunderland at the Old Trafford on Saturday.

Vine's new messaging feature lets users share videos and text messages

Moreover, the new feature also lets users to send videos to anyone in their personal address book and even to those who are not on vine.

Twitter`s Vine adds private messaging

Twitter-owned Vine said today it was adding an option for private messages sent using the service`s looping short videos.

Twitter's Vine adds private messaging

Twitter-owned Vine said Thursday it was adding an option for private messages sent using the service's looping short videos.

#whaling goes viral on Vine

Video sharing app Vine is reportedly filled with a new trend, called #whaling, which refers to diving like a whale backwards in a public or unusual place and posting it on the site.

Vine says no to sexually explicit content

Offenders of the new policy would face account suspensions.

Vine launches online streaming for TV-like desktop viewing

Vine has also introduced a Web-only feature called 'TV Mode' that transforms a user's stream into a full-screen video of Vine videos that play in sequence and is available on any member's profile.

Vine launches online streaming for TV-like desktop viewing

Twitter-owned video app Vine is reportedly set to launch web streaming via desktops for the first time and allowing users to watch, share, like, comment and revine videos.

Snapchat, Vine among top smartphone apps of 2013

With Snapchat, users can send photos and videos that disappear shortly after they are viewed.

Instagram, Twitter`s Vine face outages

In the series of popular websites facing outages, the latest to join are Instagram and Twitter`s video-sharing app Vine as users reported slow loading or total unavailability of the app.

Twitter`s Vine slips as Facebook’s Instagram video feature hits new high

Twitter`s video-sharing service Vine has reportedly seen a downfall in user-sharing following Facebook`s addition of video sharing to its photo service Instagram.

Facebook introduces video on Instagram

Taking a cue from Twitter`s growing video-sharing app, Vine, Facebook has now decided to add video to its popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

Twitter`s new video-sharing app `filled with porn`

The new video-sharing app, Vine, which was launched by Twitter, has come under fire as it is being filled with sexually-explicit content.

Now, new Twitter app allows sharing videos from iPhones, iPods

Micro blogging platform Twitter has launched a new service will allow people to share video snippets from iPhones or iPods.