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Eye health: 8 ways to improve your vision naturally!

. There are many things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and enjoy good eyesight.

Blueberries can improve memory, vision

The researchers wanted to determine how much consumers know about blueberry health benefits and see if there is a knowledge gap with blueberry health benefits among demographic groups. 

Test your vision: Play this visual quiz!

Well, it's time to test your visual skills, that will tell you where you stand!

Statins may help restore sight in patients with macular degeneration!

Researchers found that a high-dose of atorvastatin (80mg) is associated with regression of lipid deposits and improvement in sight in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

32 people visiting MP eye camp lose vision

 As many as 32 people who attended an eye camp in Madhya Pradesh's Satna district last month have complained that they have lost their vision, prompting the local administration here to order a probe into the incident.

Did you hear it? Our vision and hearing is not very reliable

Our vision and hearing are not as reliable as we might think, the study by life scientists at University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) said.

On eve of 10 yrs as CM, Shivraj Singh Chouhan talks of achievements, vision

Addressing a press conference here, Chouhan spoke at length about his Government's achievements and also goals that still needs to be accomplished as he shared his vision to make Madhya Pradesh, once considered a laggard (BIMARU) in economic growth, a developed State.

'Rat vision' gives humans best sight ever

'Rat vision' gives humans best sight ever

The brain cells suggest that human and other primates retain a visual pathway that traces back to the primitive systems of vertebrates like fish and frogs.

How our eyes process danger and emotions

The finding shows that in humans and other primates, information from the eyes is not only sent to the visual cortex for the complex processing that allows stereoscopic vision, but also could feed directly into deep brain circuits for attention and emotion.

Beware, dengue can affect your vision!

Dengue fever is a dangerous and debilitating disease caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. But, what's even scarier is that the mosquito-borne disease can affect vision and in rare cases, cause blindness.

Haryana woman successfully undergoes cornea transplant

 A 43-year-old woman, Upasna Batra, who had lost vision in her left eye, has successfully undergone cornea transplant at a city hospital here, doctors said on Saturday.

UK woman loses vision after mosquito bites

 In a rare medical case, a 69-year-old woman in the UK has permanently lost some of the vision in her right eye after she caught chikungunya fever while vacationing in the Caribbean, doctors including one of Indian-origin say.

Let it all out: 6 reasons why crying is good for your health!

Ritu Singh

''What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul''

Blind people use echoes to detect matter: Study

Blind people use echoes to detect multiple properties of objects through areas of the brain associated with vision, new study says.

Italian eyewear working on Google Glass 2.0

Italian eyewear maker Luxottica has announced it is working with Google to build version 2.0 of the eye wearable Google Glass device.

''Baking soda'' can also help us see better

 It is well known that baking soda serves many purposes, but now scientists have revealed how it may also improve our vision.

Behavioural training boosts vision in older adults

A week of behavioural intervention can help improve the vision of older adults affected by age-related declining contrast sensitivity which is critical for many real life tasks such as driving at night, new research has found.

Cats use eyes, not smell, to search for food

Cats may prefer to use their eyes rather than follow their nose when it comes to finding the location of food, according to new research by leading animal behaviourists.

Human retina is built backwards, confirm scientists

For the first time, researcher have confirmed that the human retina is built backwards, with the neurons in front of the photoreceptors, rather than behind them.

Drug for macular degeneration reverses blindness caused by diabetes

A new research has revealed that ranibizumab, a prescription drug, commonly used to treat age-related vision loss or macular degeneration, also reverses vision loss caused by diabetes among Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites.