Vitamin deficiencies may up migraines

The findings revealed that a high percentage of children, teens and young adults with migraines had mild deficiencies in vitamin D, riboflavin and coenzyme Q10 -- a vitamin-like substance.

Dietary supplements can prevent Alzheimer's: Study

Do you think a dietary supplement can help prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

Know why grapefruit is good for health!

Grapefruit is often considered good for health as the fruit is packed with many nutrients and Viatmins.

Top five health benefits of green chilies!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Green chilies are the most commonly used vegetable for food preparation. It also add a unique flavor and taste to the food. It is said that eating green chillies is better than adding red chilli powder to the food.

Top five reasons why you should eat Taro root (Arbi)

Have you ever eaten this delicious food – Taro root, also known as arbi in Hindi? If not, you should start including this nutty vegetable into your diet to enjoy the rich nutrients of this wonderful gift of nature. 

How vitamin E helps you build strong muscles

Body builders have known for over eight decades that a diet rich in vitamin can help build strong muscles, but scientists have only now figured out one important way the vitamin works.

Excessive intake of vitamins can lead to cancer

A new research has examined that excess use of vitamins and dietary supplements can increase the risk of cancer.

Top 5 salads to welcome summers with!

Top 5 salads to welcome summers with!

Summers are hot and exhausting, nonetheless it is the favourite season of many. Be it for the bright and vibrant colours, flavours, clothes or food to top it all. As the temperature rises you are naturally tempted towards ice creams and and drinks.

Pitbull's slogan for 2015 is 'make history'

Pitbull's slogan for 2015 is 'make history'

 Pitbull has recently revealed that his goal and slogan for 2015 is "make history."

How obesity triggers auto-immune diseases

A new study points to the major role obesity plays in triggering and prolonging auto-immune diseases.

Secret to longevity revealed

A landmark study of thousands of members of a retirement community in Southern California is revealing factors that may contribute to living longer.

Vitamins do not help prevent heart disease, cancer: Scientists

In a blow to the $28 billion US vitamin industry, a US task force has warned that vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements do not help prevent heart disease or cancer, instead they could do more harm than good.

Health benefits of Lingonberry: The new superfood

We all know berries are an amazing group of fruits. You all must have the good fortune of tasting berries like strawberries,cranberries,blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. There is a new berry on the block that science is seriously looking into. It is the lingonberry which has higher concentrations of plant polyphenols and confers even greater health benefits

Know the right quantity of nutrients required by body

It`s well known that iron, vitamins or carbohydrates are nutrients essential to keep our body fit. But be careful about the quantity, warns an expert.

Diet rich in vitamins and minerals boosts energy, enhances mood

A new study has found that vitamin and mineral supplements does not only enhance mental energy and well-being of healthy adults but also those prone to anxiety and depression.

US man claims his new formula can replace fast food as healthy option

A US man, who hasn`t eaten three solid meals a day in months, has claimed that he has created what he says is a formula that gives his body the exact amount of vitamins and minerals it needs to survive.

Top 5 foods that will help you stay healthy

Adding bulgur, chickpeas, kale, spaghetti squash and sunflower seeds can really expand a person`s daily diet without expanding their waistlines.

Adolescents consuming less iron, vitamins

Adolescence is the time when one needs to be particular about food consumption, especially intake of vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. But several studies have shown that adolescents` intake of important nutrients, as well as their performance in standard physical fitness tests, have fallen in recent years.