Three Indian naval ships visit Russia

Sahyadri, Shakti and Kirch, three Indian Naval ships, arrived in Russia on Monday for a four-day visit to Russia, during which the Indian and Russian naval personnel will conduct joint exercises.

Davis Cup: Double trouble for Spain in Vladivostok

Davis Cup: Double trouble for Spain in Vladivostok

Evgeny Donskoy and Konstantin Kravchuk put Russia back on track in their Davis Cup Group One Euro-African Zone second round tie against Spain with a hard-fought doubles win in Vladivostok on Saturday.

France suspends delivery of warship to Russia

France is suspending the delivery of a hulking warship to Russia amid security concerns about Moscow's actions in neighbouring Ukraine, President Francois Hollande's office said on Wednesday.

Chinese warships in Russia for naval drill

A fleet of Chinese warships arrived in Russia`s Far Eastern port Vladivostok Friday to take part in a week-long joint naval drill.

Russia prepared for second global crisis: Putin

Russia is better prepared for a second global financial crisis, President Vladimir Putin has said.

Asia-Pacific key to Russia`s future: Putin

The 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that began on September 05 will go on till September 09.

No peace deal with Japan at APEC summit: Russia

Russia and Japan have long been at odds over the sovereignty of four disputed Pacific islands.

Ex-Russian cop suspected of raping, killing 25 women

A Siberian court has sanctioned detention of a former police officer suspected to have sexually assaulted and killed 25 women.

Indian warships in Russia for naval exercise

A group of Indian warships on Monday arrived in Vladivostok, the main Russian Pacific Fleet base,
to begin drills with the Russian Navy after exercises with the
US Navy.

Russian `Day of Anger` rallies tests Putin`s rule

Thousands of protesters rallied in
dozens of Russian cities on Saturday against Prime Minister Vladimir
Putin`s government as opposition groups mobilised anger over
economic woes.