Volvo's new reflective spray-paint makes cyclists visible at night

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo and UK design firm Grey London have partnered with Albedo100 to come up with a reflective spray-paint to make cycling safer at night.

Cars that stood out at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

From cool cars to hot wheels, here's who stole the show at the Geneva Motor Show 2015.

Indian growth prospects bright, says Swedish envoy

India`s long-term growth prospects are strong and that is why Swedish companies are investing in the country, says Ambassador Herald Sandberg.

Soon, automatic car that can park itself

Volvo is developing a car that would park itself without the driver sitting inside it.

Soon, cars will detect cyclists, brake automatically

Swedish car manufacturers Volvo has developed a new radar-based system that can detect cyclists and pedestrians and automatically brake to avoid them.

Driverless `convoy` hits the road

Spanish drivers witnessed the first real-world test of “platooning” technology, which places a vehicle at the head of a convoy, with a string of automatically driving cars trailing behind it.

Volvo develops smart car to save lives

Pedestrian detection system is designed to save lives on urban streets.

Volvo`s futuristic car to use body as battery

Volvo is experimenting with a new composite material that can store and release energy.

Now, futuristic car that uses body as battery

Volvo is developing a prototype that uses its body to act as a rechargeable battery.

Volvo raises vehicle prices by 3-4 percent

Volvo Trucks India on Wednesday said it has increased prices of its vehicles by 3-4 percent starting this year on account of rising input costs.

Geely gets China`s support for Volvo, 2010 auto sales

Geely, China`s No 1 private carmaker, said on Thursday that its parent company has strong support from the Chinese government to acquire Ford Motor`s Volvo unit.

Ford to sell Volvo brand to Chinese carmaker

US auto giant Ford said Wednesday it had agreed on the main terms for selling its Swedish brand Volvo Cars to Chinese car maker Geely, a deal set to underline China`s growing economic clout.

US-led consortium wants to buy Volvo from Ford: Report

A US-led consortium has entered the race to buy Volvo from Ford, the Financial Times reported, in a challenge to China`s Geely Automotive (0175.HK), which confirmed its interest in the money-losing Swedish carmaker last month.

50% increase in business, despite recession, says Volvo

Volvo India, manufacturers of luxury cars and buses, today said the company has bagged orders to deliver 600 buses this year, an increase of 50 per cent over last year, despite recession.

Volvo expects 50% growth in 2009 boosted by govt schemes

Volvo Buses India today said it is expecting 50 per cent growth in sales this year on the back of government schemes and incentives.