Vrindavan priest fined for allowing pooja in sanctum sanctorum of temple

A fine of Rs 1.40 lakh was imposed on a priest of the famous Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan after he allegedly allowed some visitors to carry out pooja in the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine against the rule, temple authorities said.

Why Lord Krishna will never leave Vrindavan?

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Rain, hailstorm intensify cold wave in Agra

Rain and hailstorm in Uttar Pradesh's Agra city led to a drop in temperatures, forcing authorities to shut down schools till January 18, officials said on Thursday.

When will Vrindavan gain its 'holy' status?

Vrindavan is the region where, according to the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. But the place is not yet considered as a holy place in government papers. So when will Vrindavan become a holy place?

How will Lord Ram bear winter in Ayodhya temple?

How will Lord Ram bear winter in Ayodhya temple?

Conversions due to poverty and illiteracy: Puri Shankaracharya

To tackle the issue of conversion of Hindus, Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati has said attention should be paid to the problems of poverty and illiteracy.

Mathura security to be stepped up ahead of Republic Day

Security around temples and sensitive places in Mathura and Vrindavan will be beefed up ahead of the Republic Day on Jan 26.

Vrindavan robbery: Police announces cash reward of Rs 1 lakh

A reward of Rs one lakh has been announced for disclosing whereabouts of the robbers who looted Rs 30 lakh cash at gun-point from a nationalised bank's branch in Vrindavan area of the district, police said on Monday.

Mathura-Vrindavan area clean-up ordered

Local officials in the sprawling Braj region, visited by millions of Hindus for its association with the life of Lord Krishna, have been told to ensure cleanliness in the vicinity of major temples and pilgrim spots.

President Pranab hopes Vrindavan be world centre of spiritual enlightenment

 The holy town of Vrindavan should strive to become the world center for spiritual enlightenment, President Pranab Mukherjee said today after performing a special "puja" for the construction of the world tallest Shri Krishna temple here.

World's tallest Krishna temple to be built in Vrindavan

The holy town of Vrindavan will be home to a unique and world's tallest Lord Krishna temple which will be built at an estimated cost of Rs 300 crore here in the next five years.

Monkey menace: President to use golf cart in Vrindavan

To ward off monkeys, authorities have decided to use golf cart for President Pranab Mukherjee during his visit to a temple in Vrindavan on Sunday.

President Pranab to lay foundation stone of tallest Krishna temple

 President Pranab Mukherjee will visit Vrindavan on Sunday to lay the foundation stone for building Lord Krishna's 'Chandrodaya' temple, which is planned to be thrice the height of 72.5 metre-high Qutub Minar.

President to lay foundation stone of tallest Krishna temple tomorrow

President Pranab Mukherjee will visit Vrindavan on Sunday to lay the foundation stone for building Lord Krishna's 'Chandrodaya' temple, which is expected to be thrice as the height of 72.5 metre-high Qutub Minar.

Ahead of Prez's visit, Vrindavan authorities grapple to deal with monkey menace

To keep monkeys at bay during President Pranab Mukherjee's visit to Banke Behari temple in Vrindavan on November 16, the district administration had decided to deploy langurs but it had to abort the plan following outcry from wildlife activists.

Activists oppose deploying langurs to tackle Vrindavan monkeys

An activist here has lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Environment and Forests to book those responsible for hiring langurs to shoo away rhesus monkeys here ahead of President Pranab Mukherjee's visit on November 16.

Pranab Mukherjee to visit Vrindavan on Sunday

President Pranab Mukherjee will be visiting the famous Bankey Bihari temple in Vrindavan Nov 16, officials said on Wednesday.

Embark on a holy journey to Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan

Banke means “Bent at three places” and Bihari means “Supreme enjoyer”. Bankey bihari ji is worshiped and looked after as a child.

Italian origin woman accuses sadhu of harassing her

Authorities here Saturday launched a probe after a 65-year-old Italian origin woman accused a sadhu of harassing her and making lewd gestures.

Widows of Vrindavan begin Diwali celebrations on Yamuna banks

The widows of Vrindavan today lit hundreds of earthen lamps at the banks of Yamuna as they today began their three-day Diwali celebrations through which they intend to spread awareness about the need for the river's cleanliness.