Developed countries should compensate for emissions: India

Asserting that it has been a strong champion of equity, India today said developed countries should compensate developing nations for the effects their greenhouse gas emissions have had on climate.

`Time is running out` as CO2 levels hit new high: UN

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have crossed a new threshold, the UN`s weather agency said today, highlighting the urgency of curbing man-made, climate-altering greenhouse gases.

UN weather agency warns of `El Nino` this year

The UN weather agency today warned there was a good chance of an "El Nino" climate phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean this year, bringing droughts and heavy rainfall to the rest of the world.

Weather extremes `consistent` with man-made climate change: UN

Extreme events of 2013 like the Philippines` devastating Typhoon Haiyan and drought in Australia were consistent with man-made climate change, the UN`s weather agency said today.

Greenhouse gas in atmosphere hits new record: UN

The amount of greenhouse gases in Earth`s atmosphere hit a new record high in 2012, continuing an ever-faster rise that is driving climate change, the UN weather agency said Wednesday.

2001-10 warmest decade since 1850, says report

The 2001-10 decade was the warmest since the start of modern measurements in 1850, and the world saw unprecedented high-impact climate extremes during the decade, says a report released by the WMO.

Death Valley in US now world`s hottest place

California`s Death Valley has been recognised as world`s hottest place after meteorologists disqualified a Libyan city`s 90-year old record citing "error in recording the temperature".

World moving towards 2 deg rise in temp: UN

Global temperatures in 2011 are the 10th highest on record with countries like Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar and the US were among the worst hit by extreme weather events.

2009 - Fifth warmest recorded year: WMO

Noting that the decade 2000-2009 was warmest ever recorded, the World Meteorological Organisations (WMO) has said that 2009 was the fifth-warmest year since climate records began in 1850.