South Korea blasts Abe message to war criminals service

South Korea slammed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Thursday for sending a message of support earlier this year to a memorial service dedicated to World War II war criminals.

Vladimir Putin hails return of Crimea to Russia as restoration of `historic justice`

In a triumphant spectacle, President Vladimir Putin hailed the return of Crimea to Russia as the restoration of "historic justice" today before a jubilant, welcoming crowd on the holiday that Russians hold dearest to their hearts.

Record Holocaust commemoration march in Hungary

Hungary`s annual "March of Life" commemorating the Holocaust drew a record 25,000 people on Sunday as part of events marking 70 years since the start of mass deportations of Hungarian Jews in World War II.

Sub records detailed images of WWII wreck

A Massachusetts-based company says one of its unmanned submarines has recorded some of the most detailed images of two American ships that sank off the coast of England during World War II.

China releases list of 34,000 Chinese kept in Japan WWII camps

Stepping up its campaign against Japan over the excesses committed by its troops during World War II, China on Saturday released a list of over 34,000 Chinese who were forced into Japanese labour camps.

Over 2,000 evacuated as WWII bomb found in Hong Kong: Police

More than 2,000 people were evacuated and roads closed in central Hong Kong Thursday after a World War II bomb weighing almost a tonne was discovered on a construction site, police said.

Germany urges Japan to deal `honestly` with WWII past

Germany said Monday it tried to deal "honestly" with its World War II past and urged Japan to do the same after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe`s visit to a controversial war shrine.

WWII bomb spoils Christmas cheer in Belgian city

The discovery of an unexploded World War II bomb today in the Belgian city of Ghent spoiled Christmas Eve celebrations as dozens were evacuated, police said.

Nazi coding machine used in WWII up for grabs

A rare German coding machine used by the Nazis to send secret messages during the Second World War is expected to fetch up to 50,000 pounds at an auction here.

Respect history before staking claim for UNSC: China to Japan

Maintaining its ambiguous stand on the expansion of the UNSC, China on Friday said Japan should respect history and refrain from challenging the gains of WWII before staking claim to the top UN organ.

Japan Navy to unveil biggest warship since WWII

Japan is set to unveil today its biggest warship since World War II amid tensions with China following maritime skirmishes between the two nations over disputed islands.

1,500 evacuated after WWII bomb found in Budapest

Hungarian police evacuated around 1,500 people in Budapest today after a World War II bomb was discovered during construction work at an apartment block near Buda Castle.

Taiwan urges Japan to apologize for using ‘sex slaves` in WWII

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou has urged Japan to apologize for using sex slaves from across Asia during World War II.

WWII bombing victims in China sue Japan

Survivors of a series of bombings on a city in southwest China during World War II are seeking compensation from the Japanese government, more than seven decades after the incident killed nearly 40,000 people.

Hitler’s jailed deputy’s dog made to race by Brit soldiers during WWII

A Greyhound, owned by Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolph Hess, took part in dog races almost every weekend in Wales during the war, a historian has revealed.

Nazi war criminals fled to S America after WWII

An estimated 9,000 Nazis, including
Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann and Auschwitz Dr Josef
Mengele, fled to South America in the aftermath of World War
II post Adolf Hitler`s death.

Malaysian jungle adventurers solve WWII mysteries

Nearly 70 years after war, over 100
British and American aircraft wrecks are believed scattered
across the jungles.

Hitler’s ‘code-cracking’ Tunny machine restored by UK museum

The Tunny machines played an important role in disentangling Allied interceptions of the coded orders that Hitler sent to his generals during WW II.

Israel mourns 6 mn Jewish Holocaust victims of WWII

Israeli PM has warned that the nation must not dismiss Iran`s threats to its existence.

Japan digs site linked to WWII human experiments

Japan has begun excavations at a former medical school to search for human remains.