Extra 2-minutes walk every hour can add years to your life

A new study has revealed that walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long.

Exercise key to healthy brain among the ageing

Physical activities such as walking helps older adults lessen age-related decline in brain structure, says a new research.

New unpowered exoskeleton boots just made walking a whole lot 'less tiresome'

Researchers have recently developed the unpowered exoskeleton boots that will help people walk more efficiently, as it will reduce the metabolic cost of walking by approximately 7 percent.

Exercise protects motor abilities among elderly

Older people, who go for morning walks and mild exercises, protect themselves from the effects of small areas of brain damage that can affect their movement abilities.

Physically active women at lesser risk of heart diseases

 Middle-aged women, who keep physically active at least few times a week, face lesser risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots.

12-mn-year-old fossil may reveal when humans began to walk

A recently found fossil may make anthropologists rewrite the whole evolutionary history of how the early humans first began to walk upright on their two legs.

Deaths from lack of exercise double those due to obesity

A new study has demonstrated that lack of exercise is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity.

Top fitness apps not satisfying: Study

A good number of top fitness apps scored less in consumer satisfaction, a report shows.

Soon, trainers that charge your devices as you walk
Soon, trainers that charge your devices as you walk

New trainers have recently been developed that can generate power to charge devices like smartphones, tablets or cameras from just a one hour walk.

Tooth loss may lead to memory decline

The memory and walking speeds of older adults who have lost all of their natural teeth decline more rapidly than in those who still have some of their own teeth, finds research.

Simple breathing can help you shed extra kilos

To lose extra fat, all you have to do is breathe in and breathe out more during exercise or brisk walking, new research has revealed.

Tips on how to stay slim during festive season revealed

 Nutrition experts have revealed how one can stick to their diet and still remain in shape.

Walking could arrest memory decline

Living in a a neighbourhood that encourages walking could help the elderly stave off cognitive decline, says a new research.

Moving around during day better than medication, rest for back pain

 A new study has revealed that simply walking around and stretching during the day help patients manage back pain better than taking Tylenol and rest.

Know how walking can help!

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise, which helps in order to stay fit and improves health.  

Your walking style affects your mood

Walking in a happy or sad style actually affects our mood, scientists have found.

Extinct kangaroos may not have 'hopped'
Extinct kangaroos may not have 'hopped'

A new study has found that extinct giant kangaroos may have walked instead of hopping their way.

Live near a beach to boost physical activity

 People who live close to the coast are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines than inland dwellers, found a study.

Focus on a target to walk faster: Study

When walking, staying focused on a specific target ahead can make the distance to it appear shorter and help people walk there faster, researchers have found.