Tooth loss may lead to memory decline

The memory and walking speeds of older adults who have lost all of their natural teeth decline more rapidly than in those who still have some of their own teeth, finds research.

Simple breathing can help you shed extra kilos

To lose extra fat, all you have to do is breathe in and breathe out more during exercise or brisk walking, new research has revealed.

Tips on how to stay slim during festive season revealed

 Nutrition experts have revealed how one can stick to their diet and still remain in shape.

Walking could arrest memory decline

Living in a a neighbourhood that encourages walking could help the elderly stave off cognitive decline, says a new research.

Moving around during day better than medication, rest for back pain

 A new study has revealed that simply walking around and stretching during the day help patients manage back pain better than taking Tylenol and rest.

Know how walking can help!

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise, which helps in order to stay fit and improves health.  

Your walking style affects your mood

Walking in a happy or sad style actually affects our mood, scientists have found.

Extinct kangaroos may not have 'hopped'
Extinct kangaroos may not have 'hopped'

A new study has found that extinct giant kangaroos may have walked instead of hopping their way.

Live near a beach to boost physical activity

 People who live close to the coast are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines than inland dwellers, found a study.

Focus on a target to walk faster: Study

When walking, staying focused on a specific target ahead can make the distance to it appear shorter and help people walk there faster, researchers have found.

Stressed? Walk outdoor to boost spirit

Coping with stress may come without a cost if you care to go out of your house and walk with others in the local natural environment, a study suggests.

How people maintain balance while walking

People do not always watch their steps and yet most of the time they do not fall. Researchers have now found out how people maintain the balancing act.

Walking or cycling to work improves wellbeing: Study

Walking or cycling to work is better for people's mental health than driving, according to a new UK study.

5 minute walk every office hour good for your heart

If you are working long hours at the desk, do make it a point to take a five minute walk every hour to reverse negative effects of prolonged sitting, says an Indian-origin researcher.

Now, 4-legged robot that can walk, change shape
Now, 4-legged robot that can walk, change shape

A new research has revealed the creation of "untethered", autonomous soft robot, which can change shape and walk on four legs without the constraints of a tether.

Ditch the car to shed flab: Study

Want to shed extra weight? Ditch the car and take public transport to work instead!

Too much exercise may be bad for health

Contrary to the popular belief, more exercise is not always better as too much running could lead to an increase in cardiovascular deaths in heart attack survivors, a new study has claimed.

Interval walking healthier than continuous walking for diabetics

A new research has demonstrated that training with alternating levels of walking intensity i.e. interval training can be better than walking at a continuous speed that will ultimately help manage blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Suffering from Parkinson`s? Take brisk walk to stay fit

Walking regularly improves the mood, fitness and ability to think in people suffering from Parkinson`s disease.

Now, `muscle-powered` bio-bots that can walk `on their own`

Researchers have successfully developed tiny muscle-powered "bio-bots" that can be controlled with an electric current and can "walk on their own."