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Japan joins US-Australia war games amid China tensions

The United States and Australia kicked off a massive joint biennial military exercise on Sunday, with Japan taking part for the first time as tensions with China over territorial rows loom over the drills.

Russia says NATO destabilises Baltics, plans war games

Russia accused NATO on Monday of destabilising northern Europe and the Baltics by carrying out drills there and announced new military exercises of its own, increasing tension over the Ukraine crisis.

North Korea turns to UN over US-South Korea war games

North Korea is asking the UN Security Council to hold an urgent session to discuss upcoming US-South Korean joint military exercises that Pyongyang described as a threat to peace.

China announces war games starting Tuesday

China says it has set up alternative flight routes to minimize delays related to military exercises along its southeastern coast that start tomorrow.

Taiwan holds computer war games against China attack

Taiwan Monday launched computerised war games featuring its newly acquired AH-64 Apache helicopters helping counter a simulated attack by a Chinese aircraft carrier group, officials and media said.

Cyber attack "war game" tests London banks

A cyber attack by a foreign government on financial markets played out in one of London`s historic halls on Tuesday in a "war game" simulation designed to test the City`s defences against online saboteurs.

Philippines, US to hold war games near South China Sea

The Philippines and the United States will begin war games near disputed South China Sea waters this week, showcasing fast-expanding military ties and likely further stoking tensions with China.

Armies of India, US to hold war games in Sept-Oct

Armies of India and the US will hold war games on both sea and land during an amphibious exercise in Belgaum and Trivandrum in September-October.

New Russian nuclear submarine enters service

Russian navy launched new nuclear powered submarine-part of ambitious weapons modernisation effort as military prepares for naval exercise off Syria`s shores.

Iran war games showed missile accuracy: Reports

Iranian media reports say war games this month showed missiles with improved accuracy and firing capabilities.

US, Philippines hold war games amid China tensions

The Balikatan (Shoulder-to-shoulder) exercises are an annual event but this year are expected to attract a greater focus.

Army to hold largest exercise `Shoorveer` in Rajas

Army will deploy more than 200 tanks and over 20,000 troops in border state of Rajasthan for one of its biggest-ever war games - Shoorveer.

Iran test fires missile during Navy war games

The missile`s launch and the war games are meant to show
Iran`s military capabilities.

Pakistan and China stage war games

An Army statement said the exercise showed that Pakistan-China friendship is higher than the mountains and deeper than oceans.

Iran Navy to hold war games

The Iranian Navy plans to hold a large scale war game this year, a navy official has said.

Russia snubs India; cancels navy, army war games

Russia has snubbed India in the recent months by cancelling two important bilateral war games, usually held under a well-established arrangement, a senior official said.

US, South Korea launch war games amid North threat

N Korea threatens to turn Seoul into "sea of flames" in case of provocation.

US allies to meet on North Korea as war games end

US` Hillary will meet with foreign ministers of Japan, S Korea on Monday.

`US-S Korean war games not directed at China`

The US seeks to reassure China over joint US-South Korean military exercises.

Elite Russia troops to take part in India war games

Over 200 elite Russian mountain
troops are set to participate with their Indian counterparts in anti-terror `INDRA-2010` wargames scheduled for October
15-24 in Uttarakhand bordering China.