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Aleppo bombardment most likely war crime: UN

Syria`s government forces and their allies have almost certainly violated international law and probably committed war crimes by the latest bombardment of civilians hoping to be evacuated from eastern Aleppo, the UN human rights chief said on Wednesday.

EU says Russian assault on Aleppo may be war crime

The European Union on Monday strongly condemned Russia for the bombardment of the Syrian city of Aleppo, saying devastating air strikes by Moscow and Damascus could amount to war crimes.

Philippine crime war claiming 44 lives a day: Police

An average of 44 people are being killed each day in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on crime, according to police data released today that showed the death toll surging to nearly 3,000.

Bodies of 14 executed in Libya's Benghazi found: Medical Centre

A hospital in Libya's second city Benghazi said today it had received the bodies of 14 people killed execution-style, in what the UN envoy said was a war crime.

Myanmar's military investigates a 'war crime' in an era of reform

Andrew RC Marshall and Wa Lone/Reuters

Mong Yaw: The first and second bodies pulled from the shallow grave in northern Myanmar didn`t belong to Aik Chin`s missing son. Nor, he prayed, did the third, whose face was unrecognisable from a severe beating.

Strikes on Syria displaced camp 'likely a war crime': UN

Air strikes on a camp for displaced people in Syria's Idlib province were almost certainly not accidental and likely amounted to a war crime, the UN rights chief said on Friday.

Iraqi in decapitated head post guilty of war crime

An Iraqi migrant to Finland has been found guilty of committing a war crime after he posted images of himself on Facebook with the head of an Islamic State group fighter.

Bangladesh`s top court upholds Islamist leader`s death sentence

Bangladesh`s highest court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence of a top Islamist leader and business tycoon for war crimes, clearing the way for his execution within months.

Suspected Syrian jihadist arrested in Germany for `war crime`

A Syrian suspected of being among jihadists who kidnapped a UN peacekeeper in Damascus in 2013 has been arrested over the "war crime", Germany`s federal prosecutor said Friday.

UN Security Council warns Mali attack could be war crime

The United Nations Security Council condemned a rocket attack that killed two UN peacekeepers and a contractor Saturday in northeast Mali, warning the assault could be a war crime.

102 countries pledge not to oppose UN action on genocide

More than 100 countries have signed a "Code of Conduct" pledging not to vote against a credible UN Security Council resolution seeking to prevent or end genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.