Chinese army to abolish martial art stunts

Chinese Army has decided to abolish some of its iconic martial-arts stunts like smashing bricks over soldiers` heads to let troopers to focus more on modern warfare.

Will `Robocop` be the future of warfare?

Jose Padilha has revealed that he believes the reality of a "Robocop" in U.S. military isn`t science-fiction any more.

India develops robotic soldiers to replace humans

With futuristic warfare in mind, India is working to develop robotic soldiers as part of efforts to boost unmanned fighting capabilities, joining a select group of countries in this endeavour.

Nazis planned to fry cities from outer space using `sun gun`

German scientists had seriously planned to build a "sun gun", a big mirror in space which would focus the sun`s rays to a scorching point at the earth`s surface.

Get ready for `warfare`: Hu to Chinese Navy

Chinese Prez Hu Jintao has urged the Navy to prepare for military combat, amid growing regional tensions over maritime disputes.

War gaming centre for Indian Air Force soon

India is setting up a war gaming centre for its Air Force to enable the aerospace power train for warfare anywhere in the world by simulating scenarios at the strategic and operational levels.

``Batman`` movies inspire real-world tank design

Batman movies inspire 7 new conceptual vehicles that may help fight crime.

SKorea resumes psychological warfare with NKorea

S Korea blared propaganda broadcasts into N Korea after a six-year halt and Pyongyang said its troops were bracing for war.

Armed forces` doctrines for warfare in changing times

In view of the prevailing security
situation in the country and its neighbourhood, the armed
forces on Tuesday released three joint doctrines.