Tibetan plateau getting hotter, glaciers shrinking rapidly: Report

In an alarming discovery, a comprehensive environmental assessment of the Tibetan Plateau has found that the region is getting hotter, wetter and more polluted, threatening its fragile eco-systems and those who rely on them.

Aug 20, 2014, 19:57 PM IST

What makes cities warmer than countryside

Variation in how efficiently urban areas release heat back into the lower atmosphere - through the process of convection - is the dominant factor in the daytime "urban heat island" (UHI) effect, a phenomenon that makes urban areas significantly warmer than the surrounding countryside.

Jul 10, 2014, 17:27 PM IST

Blue objects feel warmer than red ones!

Blue objects feel warmer to the touch than red ones of the same temperature, a new study has found.

Jul 07, 2014, 13:43 PM IST

Rivers becoming warmer with rising temperature: Study

It`s not just the air and ocean
temperature that is rising very fast, rivers also seem to be
heating up because of the climate change, a new research
has claimed.

Apr 13, 2010, 19:05 PM IST

Australia `0.7 degrees warmer over past 50 years`

Australia`s top science body said on Monday temperatures had risen about 0.7 degrees Celsius (0.44 Fahrenheit) in the last 50 years, describing the finding as "significant evidence" of climate change.

Mar 15, 2010, 16:22 PM IST