New device that uses air to wash hands developed in China

 A group of seven Chinese students has bagged a top international prize for inventing a machine that uses air for cleaning hands and saves water.

Plants use less water than previously assumed

Plants use less water than previously assumed

Plants use less water than earlier studies had indicated and freshwater passes more rapidly through soil than previously thought, new research using NASA satellite shows.

Water was probably `abundant` in first billion years of universe

In a new research, scientists have claimed that water could have been plentiful in the early years of universe.

Global warming to increase lightning strikes by over 50 pc

Global warming to increase lightning strikes by over 50 pc

 A new research has revealed that lightning is expected to increase by 50 percent with global warming.

Water vapour found in distant planet's atmosphere

Marking a new milestone in the search for water on distant planets, astronomers have found water vapour in the atmosphere of the exoplanet HAT P-11b, that is about four times the radius of Earth.

Increase in atmospheric moisture tied to human activities

Human activities are directly responsible for rising levels of atmospheric water vapour, the most abundant greenhouse gas and a key driver of global warming, scientists say.

Human-induced water vapour next climate threat

The rising levels of water vapour in the upper troposphere - a key amplifier of global warming - owing to greenhouse gases will intensify climate change impacts over the next decades, scientists said.

Water vapour detected in Jupiter-like exo-planet`s atmosphere

Researchers at Caltech and several other institutions have made the first detection of water in the atmosphere of the Jupiter-mass planet orbiting the nearby star Tau Bootis.

Water vapour found venting from Jupiter`s moon Europa

The Hubble Space Telescope has detected the first strong evidence of water plumes erupting from the icy surface of one of Jupiter`s moons Europa.

Water vapour in exoplanet`s atmosphere hints at its formation

A team of international scientists has made the most detailed examination yet of the atmosphere of a Jupiter-size like planet beyond our solar system.

Water vapour detected in cosmic cloud

More than 2000 Earth oceans-worth of water vapor were detected, liberated from icy dust grains by high-energy cosmic rays passing through the cloud.

Mars’ atmosphere supersaturated with water vapour

The upper atmosphere of Mars contains up to a hundred times more water vapour than anyone had ever imagined.