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US Telecom files suit against government's new Internet rules

A legal fight against the Federal Communications Commission's new Internet traffic rules has begun.

61 pc of web traffic generated by bots: Research

Nearly 61.5 percent of all website traffic is now generated by bots, a new research has found.

Microsoft leads attack on search traffic thieves

Microsoft announced it worked with police in Europe and the United States to disrupt a "dangerous" army of virus-infected computers used to hijack searches at Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Microsoft joins move to encrypt web traffic

Microsoft is joining the movement to encrypt traffic that flows across its networks, citing "serious concerns" about government surveillance.

Yahoo shares gain as it tops Web traffic

In late morning trade, Yahoo was up 2.99 percent at USD 27.87.

Porn search cause 30pc of all web traffic

Researchers have discovered that a staggering 30 per cent of all Internet traffic is pornography.