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Four extremely weird diet tricks to help you lose weight!

Every single person on this planet is different from one another, therefore, it is evident that every body type differs as well.

Fungus a major risk factor in Crohn's disease: Study

A team of international researchers has, for the first time, identified a fungus as the key factor in the development of Crohn's disease.

Try these drinks to boost your weight loss!

Try these drinks to boost your weight loss!

Everyone wants to lose weight by burning calories and extra fats.  

Activity trackers not reliable for weight loss

Wearable devices that monitor physical activity are not reliable tools for weight loss, a new study has found.

Workout tips for women: Five best exercises for a fabulous, fit body!

Perhaps, our sedentary lifestyles hardly leave us with any time to focus on the most important part of our lives, our health.

Six reasons why your belly-fat won't leave you alone! - Slideshow

Six reasons why your belly-fat won't leave you alone! - Slideshow

Six reasons why your belly-fat won't leave you alone! - Slideshow

Diet pills, supplements, surgery for weight loss – But are they safe?

The bottom line is that a reduced-calorie diet paired with increased physical exercise is the best and safest way to lose weight.

Best exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week – Watch

Experts say that incorporating both cardio and strength training into your exercise plan is the most effective strategy for long term weight loss.


Five surprising health benefits of jaggery – From constipation to weight loss!

Jaggery, which acts as diuretic, can help stimulate bowel movements, thereby providing relief from constipation.

Gut bacteria therapy may help reduce weight gain

The researchers found that incorporating the engineered bacteria into the guts of mice both kept them from gaining weight and protected them against some of the negative health effects of obesity.

Five reasons why you should take a brisk walk every single day!

Here are some health benefits that you'll get from walking.

Top five amazing benefits of spinach!

Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable and considered as a superfood due to its antioxidants and anti-cancer composition.

How to prevent obesity, eating disorders in teenagers

Quick, substantial weight loss methods can trigger medical consequences such as unstable heart rate.

This is why you should drink water on an empty stomach!

We always drink water whenever we are thirsty or after eating something spicy or a meal.

Five easy home remedies to reduce stretch marks!

 Stretch marks can be one of the scariest things anyone can have on their skin.

Want to lose weight? Make friends with thin people!

The findings, published in the journal Obesity, were based on an analysis of 9,335 people aged between 18 to 65 years and tracked the participants' self-reported social networking changes and body mass outcomes for a year.

Belly-fat reduction made easy with the help of these six simple drinks! - Watch video

Without a doubt, the biggest problem area when it comes to weight is the belly, which most people resolve to reduce by way of diets and exercise.  

Make the healthy switch – Replace your sugar-rich soda's with water to cut obesity!

Swapping one 8-ounce sugar-sweetened beverage with an 8-ounce serving of water could reduce daily calories and the prevalence of obesity in populations that consume sugary beverages.

This is why you should drink grape juice!

Who doesn't like to eat grapes? Well, everyone does and it is considered good for our health as well.