Yash Chopra never asked his heroines to lose weight: Kajol
Yash Chopra never asked his heroines to lose weight: Kajol

In an era when looking slim has become a major criterion for actresses in Bollywood, Kajol says she is lucky to have worked with Yash Chopra, the only director who never complained about weight issues of his female stars.

Occupational sitting tied to increased likelihood of obesity in women

A new study has revealed that occupational sitting is tied to increased likelihood of obesity in women, especially among black women.

Sonakshi lost oodles of weight for 'Radha' song: Boney Kapoor
Sonakshi lost oodles of weight for 'Radha' song: Boney Kapoor

 Boney Kapoor is working with his son Arjun for the first time in his latest production venture "Tevar" but it’s the film’s leading lady Sonakshi Sinha that the producer is raving about.

Tips for keeping your heart healthy!

A healthy heart is the way to healthy living, they say.

Physically active teens less affected by moderate consumption of sugary drinks

A new study has indicated that physically active teens are less affected by the moderate consumption of sugary drinks.

Emotional awareness promotes healthy eating

Learning to pay attention to your emotions could enhance the choices you make with regard to food, thereby helping you lose weight, says a new research.

Even doctors struggle to identify obesity

Most people, including health care professionals, are unable to identify healthy weight, over-weight or obese people just by looking at them, says a research.

Now, robots with light-weight limbs that performs human tasks more gracefully
Now, robots with light-weight limbs that performs human tasks more gracefully

A new hybrid fluid transmission has developed robot arms that were light enough to move swiftly and gracefully, yet with precise control.

Kids hogging food cannot manage weight status: Study

Children as young as three find high-energy treats too tempting to refuse, even when they are not hungry, a research discovered.

Hurtful 'fat jokes' prevalent on Twitter: Study
Hurtful 'fat jokes' prevalent on Twitter: Study

Cyberbullying and hurtful 'fat jokes' are disturbingly prevalent in the social media environment, especially on Twitter, scientists say.

Gut bacteria may contribute to obesity

A new animal study has revealed that a species of gut bacteria called Clostridium ramosum, coupled with a high-fat diet may be contributing to obesity.

Healthy lifestyle may help 4 out of 5 men prevent heart attacks

A new study has revealed 80 percent of men could prevent heart attacks by adopting healthy lifestyle choices.

Untethered soft robot that defies extreme conditions

US scientists have developed the first untethered soft robot - a quadruped that can stand up and walk carrying weight on its back with utmost ease.

App to track dietary data, helps lose weight

 If you plan to lose weight, some apps can do the job for you more efficiently by reliably tracking dietary data and preparing what suits your body the most, say researchers.

Race, ethnicity linked with heart disease risk

A man's likelihood of accumulating fat around his heart might be better determined if doctors were to consider his race and ethnicity as well as where on his body the excess fat is deposited, new research shows.

Watch your diet to reduce diabetes risk

What you eat and drink, and not just the number of calories, is a significant factor in diabetes risk, a study showed.

Obesity drugs to lose weight in middle-age

Middle-age can lose weight and stay fit with the help of obesity drugs, a new study revealed.

Mice study reveals link between `lead` and obesity

A new study on mice shows that exposure to `lead` through their mothers could cause obesity.

New study claims physically fit adolescents` are less depressed

A new study has shown that physically fit sixth graders especially girls are less depressed when they reach in seventh grade.

How crowdsourcing can keep your weight down

Avid users of smartphone apps may find it a lot easier to stick to a healthy diet through crowdsourcing, keeping their weight in check in the process, says a study.