China steps up campaign to remove church crosses

Authorities in Wenzhou, known as China`s Jerusalem, have given Christian churches a deadline to remove prominent crosses within weeks, worshippers and an activist group said Thursday, stepping up a long-running campaign.

China police arrest two "violent terrorists" in coastal city

Chinese authorities in the eastern coastal city of Wenzhou have arrested two "violent terrorists", state media reported on Friday, and accused them of being part of a criminal gang in the city.

Ex-official accused of graft fears no fair trial in China: US lawyer

Ex-official accused of graft fears no fair trial in China: US lawyer

A lawyer representing a former senior Chinese official under investigation for corruption and now seeking asylum in the United States said his client is concerned she would not get a fair trial in China.

China`s Jerusalem` targets party members of faith

The city known as China`s centre of Christianity, Wenzhou, has launched a crackdown on Communist Party members with religious beliefs, the local government said, following tighter regulation of church buildings.

China city bans Christmas in schools, warns over `Western` culture

A Chinese city has banned schools from holding Christmas events, state media reported on Thursday, highlighting official suspicions about the increasingly popular festival because of its foreign origins.

China's export hub hit hard by global economic slowdown

Hit hard by global economic downturn, many firms in China's export hub Wenzhou are closing down as they face a "more serious" situation than the 2008 financial crisis with big companies in the country posting sharp dip in profits.

Typhoon Haikui wrecks havoc on China`s coast

Haikui is the third typhoon to wallop China`s eastern coast in a week, after storms Saola and Damrey hit the region over the weekend.

China blames 54 officials for bullet train crash

The disaster had triggered criticism over the high cost and dangers of the bullet train system.