West Antarctic ice melt rate tripled, finds NASA
West Antarctic ice melt rate tripled, finds NASA

A detailed 21-year analysis of the fastest-melting region of Antarctica has found that the melt rate of glaciers there has tripled during the last decade.

Ice loss from West Antarctica on the increase

The West Antarctic ice sheet appears to be shedding far more ice than a few years ago, according to climate research unveiled Wednesday.

Active volcano found under West Antarctic ice sheet

Researchers have discovered a smouldering volcano under a kilometer of ice in West Antarctica.

Ice sheet in West Antarctica existed 20 mn yrs earlier than believed

A new research has showed that an ice sheet located on West Antarctica existed 20 million years earlier than previously thought.

Antarctic ice core reveals how last ice age ended

Analysis of an Antarctic ice core has revealed that warming in the frozen continent began about 22,000 years ago, a few thousand years earlier than suggested by earlier records.

Newly discovered underground Antarctic valley `speeding ice loss`

Researchers have discovered a one mile deep rift valley hidden beneath the ice in West Antarctica, which they believe is contributing to ice loss from this part of the continent.

West Antarctic ice shelves may be `fracturing and retreating inland`

Floating ice shelves of a critical portion of West Antarctica are gradually losing their hold on adjacent bay walls, potentially intensifying an already accelerating loss of ice to the sea,