East Germany sold prisoners` blood to the West: Report

The former East German communist regime forced prisoners to donate blood for sale to the West and make goods for many companies across the Cold War frontier, media reported on Tuesday.

Berlin Wall fall raised a generation of criminals?

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 may have blighted a generation of children in east Germany, who were more likely to commit crimes than their west German peers, a new study claims.

`No-Go zone` between former East, West Germany?

A total of 1.2 million mines were laid by East Germany at the border with West Germany during the Cold War.

Wobbly sections of Berlin Wall to be restored

Bernauer Strasse, the site of
dramatic escape during the Cold War will be repaired by year`s end.

West German spy agency ‘employed about 200 former Nazi criminals’

The Federal German Intelligence Service, which is also known as BND, has admitted that it employed about 200 former Nazi criminals for at least 15 years after the Second World War.