Islamic State terror manual found online

An Islamic State (IS) manual for preparing, funding and carrying out terror attacks in the West is being shared on jihadist forums on the internet, asking extremists to raise funds through online scams and fraud.

Putin fetes Crimea takeover in front of huge crowd

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday triumphantly joined tens of thousands of supporters to mark one year since his takeover of Crimea, a seismic shift that shattered ties with Ukraine and the West.

Tyga confirms relationship with Kylie Jenner on Instagram
Tyga confirms relationship with Kylie Jenner on Instagram

American rapper Tyga has publicly declared his love for rumored girlfriendKylie Jenner .

In Putin`s Russia, West blamed for Nemtsov murder

Kremlin opponent Boris Nemtsov`s blood was barely dry on the Moscow sidewalk before powerful Russians came up with a startlingly clear conclusion: that the West was to blame.

West responsible for Islamic State crimes: Iran

Iran`s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed the West for the crimes committed by Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Europe and the Middle East.

Iranian president urges West to lift ''inhuman sanctions''

The West should lift "inhuman and illegal sanctions" against Iran as they are trying to reach a comprehensive nuclear deal with Tehran, the Islamic republic`s President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday.

Iraqi PM says West and Iran both helping against Islamic State

Iraq`s prime minister said on Friday the West had increased support to his country to help it fight Islamic State, and Iran was also providing crucial backing.

Yemen's al Qaeda renews calls for lone-wolf attacks in West

 Nasser bin Ali al-Ansi, an official with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), based in Yemen, has urged Muslims to carry out lone-wolf strikes in Western countries two weeks after his group said it was behind the Paris attacks, SITE Monitoring reported. 

Britain says has strengthened Ebola screening after first case

Britain has tightened steps for dealing with possible Ebola patients, its health minister said on Monday, after screening at London`s Heathrow airport failed to detect the disease in a nurse who is now critically ill.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi says wants West to spur reform not reimpose sanctions

Myanmar`s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday called on the West to encourage her country`s government to enter meaningful reform talks but told it not to reintroduce punitive sanctions even though democratic reforms were foundering.

Iran warns West to keep expectations realistic on nuclear compromise

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned Western powers to curb their demands on limiting his country`s nuclear activities in order to guarantee a landmark settlement, which he said was "within reach".

Men watching porn less likely to enjoy sex with real-life partners

A new study has examined that men who regularly watch porn are more likely to depend on it to stay aroused and are less likely to enjoy sex with a real-life partner.

Vladimir Putin defends his foreign policy, says Crimea annexation sacred for Russia
Vladimir Putin defends his foreign policy, says Crimea annexation sacred for Russia

Even as the West continues to point fingers at Moscow for fomenting the Ukraine crisis, President Vladimir Putin in his annual speech on Thursday sought to defend the country's bellicose foreign policy by justifying Crimea annexation as pivotal to Russian sovereignty.

IS fighters big fans of Pringles, Red Bull despite hatred towards West

Despite their hatred towards the West, Islamic State fighters reportedly enjoy binging on Western snacks like Pringles and Red Bull.

Garry Kasparov likens Vladimir Putin to Hitler, urges West to act

Russian chess master and political activist Garry Kasparov has compared President Vladimir Putin's "one-man dictatorship" to the rule of Adolf Hitler, warning that if the West fails to stop him now the price to do so could get much higher.

Iran, West eye chances of historic deal as final nuclear talks start

Iran and the West put the onus for reaching a historic deal over Tehran's nuclear programme on each other today, as a final round of talks geared up in Vienna despite big gaps remaining ahead of a November 24 deadline.

Putin makes early exit from chilly G20 to dodge critics: Russian media
Putin makes early exit from chilly G20 to dodge critics: Russian media

 President Vladimir Putin`s icy reception at the G20 summit in Brisbane accentuated the gulf between Russia and the West over Ukraine, Russian media said Monday, saying he left early to dodge critics.

`Cold War` fears over Ukraine overblown, say experts

Secret "Russian subs" off Sweden, tit-for-tat sanctions, NATO fighters scrambling to intercept Russian warplanes: relations between the West and Moscow over Ukraine have sparked incidents reminiscent of the Cold War that terrified the world for decades.

Learn from the West, says Sonam Kapoor?
Learn from the West, says Sonam Kapoor?

Bollywood loud mouth Sonam Kapoor has often been termed as one for being outright and 'on-your-face'. The actress doesn't budge from her stand and this has landed her in trouble on a couple of occasions. According to a leading daily, the 'Khoobsurat' star was quoted as saying that the Hindi film industry needs to learn from the West, where people know how to take jokes in a right manner.

NATO chief urges Russia to halt 'illegal military actions' in Ukraine

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen called Friday on Russia to halt its "illegal" military actions in Ukraine, after the West accused Moscow of direct involvement in the conflict.