Nicotine therapy as bad as smoking for newborn

Pregnant women who shift to alternate form of nicotine in gums, nasal sprays or lozenges do not do any good to the little bundle of joy inside, warns a new study.

Exercise may help pregnant women quit smoking

For pregnant women who want to quit smoking, a brisk walk can temporarily stave off tobacco cravings, says a Canadian study.

Martian meteorites 4 bn years younger than earlier believed

A team of geologists has proved that the most common group of meteorites from Mars is almost 4 billion years younger than many scientists had believed.

Way to make cancer cells more responsive to chemotherapy identified

A new research from Western University has shed light on why some cancer cells don`t respond to chemotherapy, and identified a mechanism to rectify that.

Insects` chill-coma recovery mechanisms revealed

Researchers have identified the mechanisms by which insects can recover from a paralyzed state in extreme cold, called chill-coma, which may give a new insight into managing agriculture and biodiversity in a changing climate.