On eve of US trip, Netanyahu prays at Jewish shrine

Hours before flying to Washington to try to scuttle an emerging US nuclear deal with Tehran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a high-profile visit Saturday to Judaism`s holiest prayer site.

Jews pray in Jerusalem after Old City clashes

Thousands of Jews prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem`s Old City on Thursday, after a series of clashes at the adjacent flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Evidence of 2000-year-old famine found in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have found three intact cooking pots and a small ceramic oil lamp; the first evidence of the famine and terror that spread throughout Jerusalem around 2,000 years ago, during the Roman siege.

Guard shoots Jew dead at Jerusalem`s Western Wall

An Israeli security guard shot dead a Jewish visitor at Jerusalem`s Western Wall, mistaking him for a Palestinian militant.

Israel police hold 5 women for praying at Western Wall

Five Jewish feminists who wore prayer shawls and prayed out loud at Jerusalem`s Western Wall in defiance of a court order have been detained.

Cheques worth $500 mn found at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

A worshipper has found an envelope containing 507 cheques at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Israel slams Palestinian study denying Jewish link to Western Wall

An official Palestinian report asserts the Western Wall is not Jewish.