Exodus of white dwarf stars captured for first time ever

A team of astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has, for the first time, collected a census of young white dwarf stars beginning their migration from the crowded center of an ancient star cluster to its less populated outskirts.

Astronomers find image of a white dwarf leaving behind 'Jupiter's Ghost'
Astronomers find image of a white dwarf leaving behind 'Jupiter's Ghost'

In a new observation, astronomers have identified an image of a white dwarf expelling out its outer layers.

NASA`s Hubble Space Telescope spots possible `Zombie Star`

A possible ``zombie star`` has been spotted by NASA`s Hubble Space Telescope that may have been left behind after an unusually weak supernova explosion, as revealed by scientists.

Earth-size diamond found in space

The faintest white dwarf star, possibly the coldest ever detected, has been identified by a team of astronomers.

Planets around cooling stars may not support life

No terrestrial, or Earth-like planets have yet been confirmed orbiting white or brown dwarfs, but a new research suggests such planets if exist will prove poor candidates for life.

Bright supernovae likely caused by interaction between white dwarves

Astronomers have pinned down the likely origins of especially bright supernovae that they use as easy-to-spot “mile markers” to measure the expansion and acceleration of the universe.

12 billion year old white dwarf stars identified

In a new study, astronomers have identified two white dwarf stars considered to be the oldest and closest known to man.

‘White dwarf’ triggers giant supernovae explosion

Some of the brightest known explosions in the universe, type 1a supernovae, are triggered by ancient, dense stars called white dwarfs.