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Pro-WikiLeaks hackers hit Assange supporter

Hackers claiming allegiance to Anonymous movement of cyber-rebels have defaced the website of a former UK cabinet minister in solidarity with Assange.

Manning`s sexual orientation raised at hearing

Manning was a US Army intelligence analyst in Iraq when he is alleged to have illegally downloaded massive data files.

Pak in damage control mode after WikiLeaks

Pakistan criticised WikiLeak’s release of secret US diplomatic cables.

Pentagon sets up team as massive WikiLeak nears

The Pentagon said it had a 120-member team prepared to review a massive leak of as many as 500,000 Iraq war documents, which are expected to be released by the WikiLeaks website sometime this month.

Don’t publish WikiLeak documents on Iraq: Pentagon to media

Sensitive classified documents on Iraq are expected to be leaked and posted online by WikiLeak.

WikiLeak suspect disciplined at least twice before arrest

Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old
US army intelligence analyst, leading suspect in the leaking
of thousands of US military documents to WikiLeaks had been
disciplined at least twice since 2007.

Osama hired bombers from Pak: Report

Leaked secret documents say al Qaeda chief attended a recruitment drive in Pak in 2006.