Prince Harry compares baby George to Churchill

Britain`s Prince Harry has compared baby Prince George to a young Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill`s last surviving child dies aged 91

Lady Mary Soames, the last surviving child of Britain`s World War II prime minister Winston Churchill, has died at the age of 91, her family announced.

Kevin Spacey set to play Winston Churchill in new biopic

Kevin Spacey is set to play former British prime minister Winston Churchill in a new biopic, which will tell the story of how Churchill defended Britain against Hitler.

UK holds cyber war game in Churchill`s WW2 bunker

Bent over computers in World War II-era bunker beneath London`s streets, dozens of young computer experts are racing to understand why Britain`s banking network suddenly seems to have gone off line.

`Churchill wanted to gas Indian tribes during colonial rule`

Winston Churchill wanted chemical weapons to be used against "troublesome" tribes in north India during British colonial rule to suppress them, a noted historian has claimed citing an official memo.

Thatcher more popular than Winston Churchill: UK poll

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is Britain`s most popular prime minister since the Second World War, unexpectedly eclipsing even Winston Churchill, according to a poll.

`We`ll never see the like of Margaret Thatcher again`

"We`ll never see the like of her again," said a friend of Britain`s former prime minister Margaret Thatcher who died Monday.

UK man jailed over forged Churchill signatures

A British antiques dealer has been jailed for 10 months for forging the signatures of Winston Churchill and other famous figures in books he sold as collector items.

How Asquith’s daughter `jumped off cliff` after being ditched by Churchill

The news of the sudden disappearance of former UK prime minister Herbert Asquith’s daughter was perhaps the most shocking event of 1908’s Edwardian summer.

`Britain favoured execution over Nuremberg trials for Nazis`

Winston Churchill made the proposal at a conference in 1945, but was overruled by Franklin D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin.

Winston Churchill’s 1954 Land Rover fetches £129k at auction

A Land Rover built for Winston Churchill on his 80th birthday has been sold at an auction in Cambridgeshire for 129,000 pounds - more than twice its estimated price.

`OMG` was first used 100 years ago in a letter to

It has emerged that the British admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher first penned the acronym in a letter to Churchill.

Nazis planned to kill Churchill using exploding chocolate

Adolf Hitler’s bomb-makers coated explosive devices with a thin layer of rich dark chocolate and then packaged it in expensive-looking black and gold paper.

Allied forces ‘planned to arm Vichy France in World war II`

The British Army decided to take such a drastic step despite the fact they were fighting for enemy forces, according to new documents.

Churchill inspired me to be soft but firm: Gilani

Yousuf Raza Gilani said he could proudly state that there had not been a single political prisoner during his tenure as PM.

Churchill`s painting auctioned off for over £313K

Churchill had gifted the painting to his chief military adviser during the Second World War.

Brand willing to shave his head to play Churchill

Comedian Russell Brand is willing to shave his head if he gets to play Sir Winston Churchill in a film.

Winston Churchill`s first painting after WW2 up for sale

UK`s ex-PM Winston Churchill`s painting will be sold in London and can fetch upto 300,000 pounds.

`Jewish extremist plotted to assassinate Churchill in 1944`

Eliyahu Bet-Zuri was hanged in 1945 for murdering UK`s Middle East minister.

Bush once ‘heard echo of Churchill in Blair’s voice’

Former US president George W Bush tells more in new memoir ‘Decision Points’.