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Vast winter storm targets US East Coast; more than 1,000 flights cancelled

An expansive winter storm bore down on the East Coast on Monday, scuttling more than 1,000 U.S. flights and threatening a treacherous commute on Tuesday after the long holiday weekend.

Winter storm pummels eastern United States, grounds flights

A late winter storm pummeled the eastern United States on Thursday ahead of a cold front, canceling almost 5,000 flights as Kentucky dug out from up to 23 inches (58 cm) of snow that had stranded hundreds of drivers.

Massive winter storm sweeps US from Texas to northeast

Hundreds of thousands of American students and government workers stayed home Thursday as a major winter storm hit from Texas to the northeastern United States.

Storm drops over a foot of snow on eastern US

A winter storm reaching from Texas to New England closed schools, canceled nearly 3,000 flights and stranded hundreds of drivers overnight in Kentucky, where as much as 21.5 inches (55 cm) of snow fell.

US Northeast battered by relentless winds after record snow

The US Northeast struggled to dig out on Sunday from another major winter storm that made February the snowiest month in Boston`s history, but bitter sub zero cold and huge drifts hampered the effort.

US Northeast digs out from latest winter storm

A relentless storm that dumped deep snow on parts of the US Northeast was finally expected to wind down on Tuesday but not before bringing the Boston-area public transit system to its knees and forcing some communities to consider tossing piles of snow into the ocean to help relieve clogged streets.

US blizzard to affect 65 mn across 18 states

As many as 65 million people across 18 states in the US ran the risk of being affected by a winter storm that ramped up in the US Great Plains, while a blizzard warning was sounded in Chicago, media reported Sunday.

Winter storm death toll hits 11 in Syria: Monitor

 Five more people have died of freezing temperatures in Syria, bringing to 11 the country`s death toll in a week-long storm battering the region, a monitoring group said Monday.

Wintry weather sparks Thanksgiving travel havoc in US

More than 9,000 flights were cancelled or delayed in the US northeast as a winter storm snarled travel for Americans eager to celebrate Thursday`s Thanksgiving holiday, which kicks off one of the year`s biggest travel weekends.

Winter storm blasts US mid-Atlantic days before spring

A winter storm landed a final punch on the US mid-Atlantic states on Monday just days before spring begins, dumping more than a foot (30 cm) of snow in some places, shutting schools and federal offices and cancelling flights.

After paralysing US northeast, winter storm strikes eastern Canada

The deadly storm that pummelled US East Coast has now struck eastern Canada with heavy snowfall and strong winds are expected in the area from Quebec to Newfoundland.

Winter storm leaves 25 dead in US East Coast

A winter storm that brought snow and ice to the US East Coast moved off-shore on Friday, leaving at least 25 people dead and hundreds of thousands without power and causing a large pileup in Pennsylvania that injured 30 people.

Battered Britain faces new winter storm

Yet another Atlantic storm was barrelling towards Britain Friday, threatening to dump a month`s worth of rainfall on communities already struggling to cope with the wettest winter for 250 years.

Washington paralysed as massive winter storm hits America

Life in the American capital was virtually paralysed Thursday as a massive winter storm moving north walloped the Washington region.

Deadly ice and snow storm takes aim at US South

A major winter storm that has caused at least six deaths unfurled across much of the US South on Tuesday, and forecasters warned that ice could cripple road travel and bring widespread power outages in coming days.

US oil prices rebound in face of more frigid weather

US oil prices pushed higher Tuesday after falling for two sessions as much of the country`s upper Midwest and northeast faced more extra-cold weather from a looming winter storm.

13 killed as massive snowstorm hits northeastern US

Residents across the US northeast braced for a weekend with temperatures plummeting to dangerously cold levels after a massive snow storm dumped several inches of snow from Boston to New York, killing at least 13 people and cancelling thousands of flights.

Snowstorm lashes Israel, cuts off towns

Israel was today lashed by a fierce winter storm, with access to cities and towns on high ground cut off by another day of heavy snowfall.

Massive winter storm wallops Texas, much of the Midwest

Tens of thousands of homes and businesses are without power here after a massive winter storm caked North Texas in a thick coat of freezing rain and sleet.

Winter storm kills 13 in US, threatens holiday travel

A major winter storm that has dumped freezing rain and snow in the US southwest has killed at least 13 people in five states, US media reported.