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Wireless, battery-less pacemaker developed

Wireless, battery-less pacemaker developed

The pacemaker harvests energy wirelessly from radio frequency radiation transmitted by an external battery pack, researchers at Rice University in the US said.

BSNL loses 2 crore subscribers in 2014-15

According to an official in the Department of Telecom, BSNL lost about 1.78 crore wireless and over 20 lakh wireline subscribers between March 2014 and March 2015.

Mobile industry tiptoes towards 5G

Running short of dramatically new phone designs, leaders of the world`s wireless industry agree their next big idea is 5G, shorthand for the fifth generation of networks they expect to have up and running by 2020.

Soon, you can recharge your mobile phone via wireless

Japanese scientists have developed a
system that would allow you recharge your mobile phones and laptops wirelessly.

Wi-Fi to come in a much faster, short-range flavour

Wi-Fi is adopting a new technology that should boost data speeds more than 10 times.

Now, wireless nanosensors for building maintenance!

In what could make
maintenance of a building an easy task, US scientists have developed inexpensive wireless sensors that could alert
about tiny cracks and damage to houses and other structures
before they become critical.