Hugh Jackman's Wolverine diet is 'no piece of cake'!
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine diet is 'no piece of cake'!

Hugh Jackman, who is currently working hard in the gym to transform his body for filming of the upcoming 'X-Men' and ' Wolverine' sequels, is resisting temptation to stay fit.

Peter Sagan pulls out of Tour of Spain
Peter Sagan pulls out of Tour of Spain

Three-time Tour de France points winner Peter Sagan pulled out of the Tour of Spain on Saturday, organisers said.

Hugh Jackman to reprise `Wolverine` role?

Hugh Jackman has reportedly signed on the dotted line to reprise the role of ‘The Wolverine’ in three more films, two more spin-off films and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

Channing Tatum can play Wolverine: Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman believes that Channing Tatum can replace him in `X-Men` movie series where he plays the role of `Wolverine`.

Huge Jackman thinks his replacement as Wolverine is inevitable

Huge Jackman says he is well aware that at some point in future someone else would take his place as Wolverine in the `X Men` series as it is "inevitable" to be in showbiz forever.

Hugh Jackman has `best of both worlds`

Hugh Jackman feels he has got the best of both worlds splitting his time with his family between New York and Australia.

Hugh Jackman had skin cancer

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has revealed that he had been diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma, a common form of skin cancer.

Another Wolverine movie in the making?

If all goes well, Hugh Jackman may end up playing Logan again in another `Wolverine` movie.

Hugh Jackman in talks to return for `The Wolverine` sequel

Hugh Jackman is reportedly negotiating a deal to return as Wolverine in a new film.

Hugh Jackman hints at quitting Wolverine

Hugh Jackman says his Wolverine character in the upcoming movie has to be very compelling to do it.

Hugh Jackman dismisses USD 100 million `Wolverine` deal

Hugh Jackman has dismissed reports that he was being courted for a USD 100 million deal for four more movies in the `Wolverine` franchise.

Hugh Jackman denies being offered $100 m for `Wolverine`

Hugh Jackman has denied rumours of being offered 100 million dollars for reprising the role of `Wolverine`.

Hugh Jackman says he`ll keep playing `Wolverine` as long as fans want him to

Hugh Jackman has revealed that he would continue to reprise the role of `Wolverine` as long as the audience wants to see it.

Hugh Jackman`s wife prefers him fat and chubby

Hugh Jackman`s wife Deborra-Lee Furness prefers him to be bulky.

Hugh Jackman finds gay rumors `frustrating`

Hugh Jackman has dismissed rumors suggesting that he is gay, insisting that he finds them "frustrating" because they upset his spouse, Deborra-Lee Furness.

Wolverine is vulnerable in new film: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman says his character in `X Man` franchise is vulnerable in every way.

`Good Samaritan` Liev Schreiber comforts injured passerby

Liev Schreiber rushed to the aid of a woman who hurt herself after falling outside his home on Saturday.

`Les Miserables` was more physical than `X-Men` films

Hugh Jackman had to spent three hours in the gym and depend on a carbohydrate free diet to portray lean Jean Valjean in his latest film `Les Miserables`.

Hugh Jackman all praises for new ‘Wolverine’ film

Hugh Jackman believes the new ‘Wolverine’ movie will be a simpler story than 2009`s ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and a great tribute to the character.

Hugh Jackman not giving up on second ‘Wolverine’ movie

Hugh Jackman has spoken out to allay fears that his second ‘Wolverine’ movie is in trouble, claiming it is still on track to be made.