New porous materials boon for industry

Finally, here is a new way of making a class of porous materials that allows for greater manufacturing controls and has significantly broader applications than the long-time industry standard.

Govt considering introduction of forest certification

Government is considering introduction of forest certification as it will help in their sustainable management, a senior official said Tuesday.

Uttarakhand floods: Stolen wood seized from locals

Police seized wood worth lakhs of rupees, allegedly stolen by locals in Ferozpur village when it came flowing in the Ganga from flood-ravaged Uttarakhand.

Exposure to wood, tobacco smoke ups COPD risk

People who are consistently exposed to both wood smoke and tobacco smoke are at a greater risk for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Wood may be 10 million years older than thought!

A study of 400-million-year-old samples of fossils has revealed that woody plants appeared about 10 million years earlier than previously thought.

Biobutanol from wood ‘the next generation of biofuels’

Butanol has high energy density and can be pumped right into existing gas pipeline.

New biogas technology can save thousands of lives

Many lives that are lost due to indoor air pollution caused by cooking with wood, dung, coal and crop waste could be saved with new biogas technology, say scientists.