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Mighty mammoths went extinct due to warming Earth

Mighty mammoths went extinct due to warming Earth

 The mighty megafauna of the last Ice Age, including the woolly mammoths, largely became extinct because of rapid climate-warming events, a study says.

`Climate change, not hunting may have led to mammoths extinction`

Researchers have claimed to have found proof to suggest that woolly mammoth was led to extinction because of climate change and not due to human influence.

Will prehistoric woolly mammoths roam earth again?

Sir Ian Wilmut - the pioneering scientist whose team unveiled Dolly as the world`s first cloned mammal in 1996 - has outlined how to help bring extinct woolly mammoths back to life.

Cosmic impact wiped out woolly mammoths?

Woolly mammoths - the gigantic cousins of modern day elephants - may have died as a result of climate change following a major cosmic impact near the end of the Ice Age.

Mammoths `warmed Earth 13,000 years ago`

Woolly mammoths helped to keep the Earth warm by filling the atmosphere with methane 13,000 years ago, say scientists.

Woolly mammoths stayed on earth longer than thought

Woolly mammoths and prehistoric horses grazed on the North American plains several thousand years longer than hitherto presumed.