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Carbohydrate consumption during workouts boosts immunity, says report

Carbohydrate consumption during workouts boosts immunity, says report

Intense exercise creates immune disturbances and thus people often tend to have fewer natural killer white blood cells after a workout session which also increases the risk of upper respiratory illnesses, the researchers said.

Five ways exercise makes you look better, smarter!

Here are some beauty benefits that you can get from sweating out at the gym or at home.

When it comes to workouts, more is better for your heart

Heart failure occurs when the heart is not able to supply adequate amounts of blood to the rest of the body.

Watch: This fitness app tracks how much you brag about your workouts

Every day we keep hearing about new fitness apps, which have now become very much part of our lives – from calculating the amount of calories that we consume to tracking the amount of the time spent in the gym to keep us fit.

Want to exercise harder? Try necking beet juice

 If you want to exercise harder, you may want to try drinking beet juice, which as per a new study, improves sprinting and decision-making during workouts.

Gym mistakes to avoid

You may be hitting the gym and sweating it out, but there may be some habits that could be keeping you away from perfect fitness.

It`s never too late to lose weight

Are you not hitting the gym thinking that weight loss at your age may not be of any help?
Think again!

Must-try fitness trends

Looking to shape up for summer? Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a form of exercise in which one can alternate between very intense periods and slower recovery periods for a shorter and smarter workout.

Its official! Heart responds differently to exercise in men and women

Researchers have said that the formula for peak exercise heart rate that doctors have used for decades to diagnose heart conditions may be flawed as it does not account for differences between men and women.

Vigorous workouts more beneficial than moderate exercise

A one hour high-intensity workout provides the same fitness benefits as 50 hours of walking, a new study has found.

Bipasha Basu craves for workouts

Bipasha Basu is so caught up promoting her forthcoming film `Aatma` that she is not getting adequate time to hit the gym.

Manoj Bajpayee`s workout woes!

Actor Manoj Bajpayee`s busy schedule barely leaves him with any time for his exercise regime.

30mins of daily exercise enough to get into shape

Thirty minutes of daily exercise provide an equally effective loss of weight and body mass as 60 minutes, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have shown.

Cheryl Cole`s tough workouts ahead release of third album

Cheryl, who is taking help from Tracy Anderson, is keen to look her best when she releases her third solo album later this year.

`Shorter, intense workouts better than long, strenuous ones`

If time is an excuse for you not to hit the gym, please take note: A short but intense exercise session may be healthier than a longer.

Wearing sports bra during workouts can prevent tissue damage

Wearing sports bra during workouts can save women from the risk of damaging the ligaments connected to the breast tissue.

Don`t just plod `if you want a long, healthy life`

Want a long and healthy life? Don`t just plod, but go for short stints of intense exercise daily, says a new study.

UK gym offers workouts for women wanting a Pippa bum!

Body-conscious women can now grab celebrity bums by getting off their backsides and signing up for Yummy Bummy lessons.