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Industry threatens nearly half of natural heritage sites: WWF

Mining, oil exploration, illegal logging and other industries threaten almost half the natural World Heritage Sites the UN seeks to preserve for future generations, conservation group WWF said Wednesday.

Five Yemenis killed, historic houses destroyed in airstrikes

 Airstrikes launched early on Friday by the Saudi-led Arab coalition killed at least five civilians and levelled three houses in the residential area of the old city in Yemen`s capital Sanaa, Efe news agency reported.

Climate change threatens world's iconic ecosystems

Climate change threatens world's iconic ecosystems

 Without better local management, world's most iconic ecosystems are at risk of collapse under climate change, warn researchers.

Unesco draws action plan to safeguard Iraqi heritage

Unesco said cultural heritage experts have agreed on an "emergency response action plan" to safeguard Iraq`s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Global warming may threaten World Heritage sites

Some of the world`s most recognisable and important landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Sydney Opera House could be lost to rising sea-levels if current global warming trends are maintained over the next two millennia, a new study has warned.

Vadakkunnathan temple for UNESCO`s Heritage Sites

ASI has recently recommended 14 sites, including temples and palaces, from Kerala to the UNESO to include in its
list of World Heritage Sites.